What Joe Biden and Old Adolf Have in Common


As you know, dropping the “H-bomb” (referring to former German dictator Adolf Hitler) is a rather big deal, especially when comparing him to someone. After all, Hitler was one of history’s most infamous bad men. So to be mentioned in the same line of thinking or having similarities with the man pointed out can be quite detrimental.

Of course, this really only matters if those comparisons hold any kind of water.

For former Hawaii Representative and now former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, her recent comparison of Democratic President Joe Biden and Hitler most certainly does. In fact, it’s likely to only further derail the Democratic Party’s plans to hold onto power, as well as any chance Biden may have had at campaigning for another round in the White House.

It all happened on Sunday, during a campaign town hall event in Manchester, New Hampshire, for Republican senate candidate Don Buldoc.

Of course, this comes just days after she made national headlines denouncing her participation and alignment with the political party of her youth.

Last week, on October 11, she announced via a video posted to her Twitter account that she could no longer in good conscience “remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively working to undermine our God-given freedoms.”

Her 28-minute went on to detail that the party she once was so tied to has turned into something she can no longer recognize or be a part of, as it seems to only be self-seeking and not at all out for the people that once believed in it.

And since then, she’s proven that every word of her dislike for the Democratic Party is heartfelt. As her campaign efforts for Buldoc show, she’s out to support the other side now, or at the very least their candidates, who seem to be bent on doing good rather than promoting division.

During this most recent campaign event, and what is not likely to be the last, Gabbard continued to berate the Democratic Party and, more specifically, Joe Biden.

So what did she say that Hitler and Biden have in common?

According to Gabbard, it’s the same kind of mindset. Firstly, that means Biden is an authoritarian or dictator. Secondly, it means they are (or, in Hitler’s case, were) hell-bent on doing whatever they think is necessary to complete their agenda.

Gabbard said that she thinks that both Hitler and Biden actually believe they are doing “what’s best” for their nations. Hitler thought the best way to promote his race and country was to extinguish all others. Biden believes that his party or the woke of this country are the only ones that should have a say. According to his September speech in Philadelphia, he also thinks that anyone who isn’t of that mindset is an “extremist” and a “threat to our democracy.”

The problem is that both of them were/are wrong.

Just because we look different or believe differently doesn’t make us threats or inferior. And as we learned with Hitler, we can’t let that kind of mindset lead or rule any nation. As Gabbard says, “we’ve got to do whatever it takes” to get rid of that.

She’s not wrong.

And Gabbard knows all too well what looking or thinking not quite as the others will get you. If you remember, she ran against Joe Biden and others in 2020 for the White House. But because she is, or at least was, much more of a centrist, as well as one who supports our military and is, in fact, a veteran who served both in Iraq and Kuwait, free speech, and our Second Amendment, she was basically ostracized by her then-party.

Hell, she was even unjustly booted from a number of debates that could have given her the legroom to make more of an impression on the 2020 election.

And all of it is because the Democratic Party, perpetrated by those like Biden, has taken on a totalitarian and dictator mindset. If we are to keep our freedoms and our democracy, we have to oust this modern-day Hitler before it’s too late.