White House Covid-19 Cooridinator Warns of Social Distancing for Months – Can We do It?

As many states are starting to open up their businesses, social distancing looks to remain in effect throughout the summer months. Can we, as a nation or as humanity, really withstand any more social distancing?  Many people are sick of hearing about COVID-19 and much of the fake news that comes from it.  People were never meant to live in fear like what we are witnessing today.  It is time to move forward and move through it.

It is scary to see how much Americans were willing to hand over their freedoms with an epidemic of 98 percent survival rating.  The flu season takes the same toll, if not worse, on people, but no one seemed to put much thought into it.

The hardest of the pandemic was the economy spiraling down from what President Trump built after an eight-year failed Obama administration.  President Trump knows what he is doing, and it is safe to say the hand of God is directing him and holding him up through all he has to endure.

The entire world is also coming to terms and realizing the world is not the same place it was before the COVID-19 outbreak.  Humanity was not created to live apart from family, friends, and co-workers.  Even though social distancing saved many lives and spared many from illness, it ripped through our lives and turned our world upside down.

People are tired of the stay at home mandates and want to get back to life.  During Sunday’s press conference, Deborah Birx, the White House’s coronavirus task force coordinator, stated, we are most likely going to have the social distancing mandate throughout the summer months.

The governors all across America are working optimistically and putting together plans and guidelines for each state to reopen.  This is the first time in weeks we see efforts in taking baby steps in moving forward.  Last week, Vice President Mike Pence told the world and reporters in the press conference, “We will largely have this coronavirus epidemic behind us by Memorial Day weekend.”

Birx told NBC News, “Meet the Press,” “Social distancing will be with us through the summer to really ensure that we protect one another as we move through these phases.”  She added there will be a growing need for further testing in which Trump announced will not be as uncomfortable and will give results within five minutes.

Let’s face it, we miss our families, our friends, going to bars, and we all need haircuts.  The thought of not being able to hug one another or shake hands is not how this life was meant to be.  Slow dances in bars and night clubs, spas, mingling, and social gatherings are severely missed.

The media and the Left are mostly to blame.  Hydroxychloroquine, along with Zinc or Vitamin C has cured so many people, and the FDA hasn’t released its test results, but the people know.  Too many people were cured, and the media would instead promote false statements.

Once the cure would be announced, the fear would automatically go away.  But the Left and the media refuse to tell the truth.  Hydroxychloroquine alone was used in a “Liberal” test.  Their findings showed the medication did not work.  It has to be added to Zinc.  Therefore, they promoted false media to keep the world in their control.

People are getting furious, and they are tired of the confusion.  Questions arise, such as what was written in the Washington Post, “In places where restaurant dining rooms are reopening, is it safe to go? Is it a good idea to return to the hair salon for a much-needed trim? And for business owners facing a litany of new guidelines about how to reopen without endangering their workers or customers, are the risks worth it?”

Emily Landon, a chief infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Chicago Medicine, said in an interview, “It’s hard for me to know what I’d do.  I wouldn’t go. And I wouldn’t recommend that my family went. I would recommend that people stay home.”

Landon added, “This is a brand-new virus, and we have to do these things in a measured way.  Without requirements for things like [personal protective equipment], social distancing, and really thoughtful policies for how to do these openings, it’s not the time to do them.”

It is essential to use common sense.  If people continue to live in fear, we will never get over this pandemic.

73 thoughts on “White House Covid-19 Cooridinator Warns of Social Distancing for Months – Can We do It?

  1. The only reason these nazi govenors are extending this crap isn’t because of our safety, it’s because they want to destroy our economy and take control! Thisvis all political and nothing else! I refuse ro bow down to their evil plans! They will NOT steal thi s election!

    1. It is all the Deep State hold on President Trump like dr. Fauci who should be in jail for giving $3.7 million to the Wuhan Lab. The president who inherited most of Obama cronies in making decisions because of their titles as employed Federal employees was stuck with them. Get rid all Deep State employees. Let the Reopening starts now and forget Dr. Fauci’s unreliable predictions. He was all wrong in his previous predictions which put our economy in bad shape.

      1. he’s right in with the hell bent freaks to take us down,this is Fuckin Tyranny people,,Better wake up!! the demoncrats are ONLY OUT FOR TOTAL CONTROL & OVER THROW TRUMP & THEN THE 1WORLD ORDER BULLSHIT!!!! Thats where this whole PLANDEMIC is GOING!!!!! We have a Co. here where I live ,not hunkering totheir demands anymore & opening the entire Co. in which the entire world should open back up,they don’t own us,we still have a Constitution,2nd Amend.,theirr Playing like not there. The Ill is Quaranteened,not the fuckin world to shut down so they can ”SLY” through with their BULLSHIT & leave us totally financial unstable,to bow to them,so if Americans all over don’t stand up,,get your aprons pre-pared,we’ll be their Servants next like they want,we’re almost there now,well,not I,,I still have My Rights!

        1. Tharlene, I agree with your train of thought. I have read many of your postings. However, people like you and I can not go back to living a ‘ normal ‘ life if business owners don’t open back up. Barber shops and hair salons are permitted to be open here where I live, but none are open. In other states and cities business owners have been arrested and jailed for reopening up their businesses. So very wrong.

    2. So true. The radical left only seeks control of the “proletariat” and as long as lemmings follow their lead we will all live under fascist rule.

    3. Well Then Go Ahead And Charge Into Crowds and Get Close to Them…Shake Their Hands…Hug Them…Fill Up The Movie Theatres Etc. The Spring Breakers Thought They Were Invincible and Look What Happen to Them !!! Soon It Will Be 2 Weeks, Since The Revote Against The States of Chicago and Denver, Whom All Thought They Were Invincible, Those #s Will Start to Show The Truth on Weather or Not It’s Safe. Were Now Over 1,000,000 Cases…If They Had Done The Stay @ Home By the First Week, There Would Probably Only Be 50K. Look At What Happen to NY Bcuz They Didn’t Do The Stay @ Home ( go to the Chinese New Years and ride the subways ) un till It Was TOO Late and Now They Have 1/2 The Nation’s Deaths !!! Soooo Let’s ALL Go Back Out There and I Guarantee The #s Will Sky Rocket All Over Again By June or July…But Then Again…You Think Your Invincible…
      And oh yea…Just HOW Are These Nazi’s Supposed To Control and Recreate The Economy and Get The Monies To DO Their Will Without ” WE THE PEOPLE ” Consent ? But If Americans Think and Allowed The Democratic Socialist Like Sleepy Joe to be Pres…I Can Guarantee There Wouldn’t Be Nazi States, It Would be a Nazi Country !!! But By the Nov. Elections ( ONLY if we follow the stay at home and social distancing un till it’s almost 100% safe ) There Won’t Be Any Danger of Catching or Spreading…But People Like YOU, Who Think Your INVINCIBLE…Well Good Luck.
      I Mean…You Actually Act Like ALL THIS WAS A MASTER PLAN FROM THE BIGINNING For The USA To Do This, When In Fact, WE ALL KNOW It Was China’s Master Plan to Destroy ( not just only the USA’s ) The WORLD’s Economies Esp When China Purposely Sent 1/2 Million of Their People to the USA in January !!!

      1. Buddy, stay locked up with your fear for the rest of your life. Let those who want to get on with their lives do it

      2. Did all the countries in the USSR consent? Did the people of Europe consent to Hitler? Do the North Koreans consent? Do the Chinese consent? Do the people of Venezuela consent? Do the peoples of Africa consent? Do common people around the world consent? We live in a country where all of these people would yearn to live, because this country works on our consent not our government’s consent. Are we invincible? No. Neither is our country, nor our Constitution. They are protected by the sweat and blood of our military, and have been since they were wrested from the hands of tyranny and handed to us free of charge with the caveat that our future lay in our hands and the warning to be vigilant of those who would take it from us. Do we get out of bed every morning fearing what will happen in our lives today? It appears that we are rapidly becoming that society, and if we continue on this path, fear will rule our lives daily.

      3. & Erik,dont forget the demoncrats wants total control & Trump gone,they are the biggest problem with a health org. telling us how to live,,did some 1 make them emperors or something?,what did we miss here?

      4. What B.S. How many cases of flu do we have every year that are so mild they’re not noticed. Only with this particular flu, we’re now counting. How many people die from the flu every year??? How many would that count be if we just checked flu on the cause of death irrespective of underlying (possibly more serious) conditions as has been done in the instant case. Should we shut down the country and our lives and economy every year when the flu season arrives?

    4. You are exactly correct.

      Further the survival rate is not 98%. It is 99.925%. We are being screwed by these democrat dictator governors for a .o75% death rate.

      I will never vote for any democrat for any position ever any. No one else should either.


  2. This has been nothing but an exercise by government to see how many people will obey. The next time will be worse for what ever reason to further gain more control over the people.

    1. The plan for this was set by the democrats a long time ago. Ten years ago washington state wanted to set up safe injection sites for drug addicts. The citizens said NO. The democrat governor, attorney general, and king country manager said you voters dont have a say becuase it is a health issue and you are not smart enough to vote on it.

      Ever since then the democrats kept pushing the “it’s a health issue” idea. Why the Democrats think we dont vote on health issues is beyond me. They had us vote on abortion didn’t they.

      Anyway this current stay at home ruling is their latest push into “it’s a health issue” . That is why they are now pushing the “science” term.

      The answer to them is what science the CDClie of the 5 to 7% death rate? Maybe the stanford study the said .1 to .3% death rate? Maybe germany 5 week proof of the .1 to .3% death rate of infected and .o75% death rate for the total population.

      No the democrats are just pushing their next game plan

    1. I agree. I’d rather “live” until my time comes, rather than be holed up until my time comes. It’d be better for that time to be now rather than to continue to “live” in this manner.



    1. I agree 100% with Joan E. Y Yowell. I am sitting in my house due to I have lung problems and my kidneys are starting to fail me. But I go outside and sit. I go to the hospital for tests. And I go grocery shopping, just like my normal life, the only difference I do wear a mask. And YES I BELEIVE THAT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY IS TRYING TO MAKE US A THIRD WORLD. We can’t keep bowing done to those who want to rule us. I love President Trump and will vote for him again. But I can’t take the Democrats and the Media’s lies anymore. Like Nancy doing a clip of her and here $24,000 refrigerators, full-of ice cream and baskets of chocolate, while millions of people are starving. She is 80 years old almost and I think we should have a new law that anyone who holds a seat in the Whitehouse can only run for a 2-year term,

  4. Social Distancing is good for the Democrats but bad for the people. You quarantine the SICK, and NOT the well!! It’s just plain common sense. People need to get back to work and our lives. Our freedom is being taken and sad to say, some people don’t see it! They would rather believe a crooked media.

    1. 1st I’m 100% Trump and conservative government but, I have to say that there is such a thing as people who become carriers but unaffected themselves. Don’t you think it prudent to learn everything we need to know about this “super virus” (which I actually think might have been intentionally released by China) before herding people out to experience the unknown consequences? I believe in our freedoms but what if your freedom choice results in hospitals full of sick and dying people and the possibility of infecting other people?

      1. Yes, but I have to say it is getting really hard for me as I am alone and have no family and in my 80’s. I do try to get out for a walk each day to help me relax. I think we should try some reopening but with precautions in place to protect both the workers and us shoppers. Masks should be required in public places to protect not just ourselves but all others as well. My hair is driving me crazy but actually that is a small sacrifice compared to others who cannot work and put food on table for their family and pay their bills. I do not know the answer and none of us do but we need to try something and keep close eye on it to see how it works and go from there. A little at a time until we achieve real re-opening.

        1. Sorry this is a pain for you Carol. I wish I could help. I would if I was your neighbor. I hope the silly stay at home thing would end..

          Carol you are ordering food online right? You know the pharmacies will mail things to you too.

      2. You really should stop believing the propaganda Tamara. Seek out facts and sources of information other than the main stream media and their acolytes.

      3. The virus wasn’t intentionally released by China. It was accidentally released due to the fact that they have inexperienced people working at the bio-level 4 lab in Wuhan. This inexperienced worker, Miss Yu, accidentally infected herself and then, everyone she came into contact with when she went to the Wuhan wet market later that day. Mistakes can be forgiven, but not the lies spun by the CCP regarding this accident, cannot.

    2. ” Quarantine the SICK !!! ” AND Just How Do We Do That ? When The Person Right Next To You Can Be Sick And NOT Even Know It !!! It’s Been Proven The Curve Is Starting to Go On a Down Wards Trend ALL Bcuz Were ALL “Staying @ Home” And YOU KNOW IT !!! Symptoms Don’t Even Show Up From 5 to 14 Days…but…Can Still Pass On The Virus From DAY ONE…Even You Could Be Sick and Not Even Know It and Be Passing It Along…but…I Guess Your Being Antiestablishment, Would Care Less If You Personally Caused The DEATH Of Many People or Maybe Even Your Family or Friends, Just So You Can Have Your Freedom…Freedom From What…You Still Have to Get Up Everyday With a Alarm Clock…Be Out Of The House By a Certain Time…Clock In Day After Day After Day After Day After Day and CAN’T Speed Or Get a Ticket…Try Going Through Red Light After Red Light and Tell The Judge…But But…I Want Freedom to DO WHATEVER I WANT !!! Heck One CAN’T Even Operate a Car Without Insurance Or a Operator’s License…MUST Be 21 Yrs Old to Buy Alcohol. MUST Have Health Care…Must Make Payments…The List is Endless. So Again I Say…Freedom From What ? Freedom To Go Shopping When Ever I Want ( can do that now ) or Go to Church ? When Your Home Can Be Your Church…Your The One With Blinders One…You Have NO IDEA What’s It’s Like to NOT Have Freedom !!! Were NOT In Prison. just sayin…Sounds Like You Just NOT Prepared For a Diaster(s)…I Have 6 mos of Food and Supplies…Cans Of Gas n Propane , 2 Generators and $10K In My Floor Safe…No Credit Cards, ( haven’t had one since 85′ ) Just Debit Cards…Only Been Away from My House 5X Since March 1…I Have Lost $35K In Stocks and Lost $3K In My ROTH IRA Just Between March 1 and 21 And Have Only Gained $1500 Since Then !!!

      1. Your living in your own prison of fear your probably going to be one of the people who commite suicide

  5. All I can say is I’m 70 yrs. old, have a heart condition and pulmonary issues along with taking blood pressure meds. I’m pretty sure if someone like myself contracts the Hunan plague they are dead ducks! So if you feel strongly enough to deify the social distancing rules suit yourself just do me a favor and stay the hell away from those of us that probably wouldn’t survive it. I’m no where near ready to die and intend to do whatever it takes not to get it until a vaccine is found.

    1. Stay home and/or wear a mask when you go out in public then, but don’t expect the healthy to live their lives in fear and lose their jobs due to the shut down. By the way I am 68 and don’t live in fear of the “virus”.

      1. RC,me either & when i go,I’m free,,of masks (frickin look stupid),they don’t help,except not to spit,we’re their servants at moment,they want to de- moralize us,make puppets out of us,take away our happiness or anything that matters,yeh,they kno wht their doing & My Bible explains it well. Quranteen the ill,not shut the world down,this is TYRANNY!!!!!!!!

    2. Jack great I am 78 and have diabetes I agree with you / children just do not want to follow the rules

    3. If I get it I will die but I would rather die than ruin the world for my grandchildren sitting home on a computer isn’t living hope you living a couple extra years was worth your grandchildren’s future from freedom to bondage

  6. This exercise was attempt by the media and the globalist left to control us. I’ve been resisting and will continue, but we ALL need to participate in OUR COUNTRY’S business or we will lose OUR FREEDOMS. Too many bad people(SOROS) want to take OUR COUNTRY down. Everybody must be involved or bad people(SOROS) will succeed.

  7. When political and ideological considerations trump health and scientific considerations, the popular decisions may not be the best, nor the wisest, nor the most convenient.t What good is your freedom if you die. You people are always bitching about the Federal government until you need its help. You certainly do not reject your social security moneys or disenroll from medicare. By the way, if you do get sick, and you certainly have the right to endanger your own health, but you do not have the right to expose others to infection, please stay at home while you are ill, do not seek out medical care, and do not go to the hospital. Die quietly. I am like Jack, elderly, and certainly take the use of masks and the social distancing seriously. Also, I would feel terrible if I, out of carelessness, infected another individual, especially if that individual died. It never ceases to amaze me that for a nation which professes to hold strong Christian values, we can be so selfish and lacking in compassion for our fellow man. What ever happened to the idea of “love thy neighbor as thy self”?

    1. Richard, I really don’t think anyone on this platform has a malicious ‘will’ to go out and infect others in the name of freedom. No one here is saying we should go out and be irresponsible; all we are saying is use some common sense and don’t leave it to the authorities who are not using science, but only fear tactics to ultimately win full control over the people. Hitler did this!

      1. Exactly Bea,ill quaranteen,their making puppets out of the ”Sleeper’s” here,we have rights & constitution &2nd Amend. rights,you dont shut down the world because demoncrats wants to usher in their 1 world BS,better wake up. There for, I have freedoms & rights,you feel threatened,You stay home under your face covering,that plainly is a plan only to make you look stupid,well planned there,,social distancing only grooming us to be that way when the chip comes out with the 5g already here,for the facial imaging when they hone in on your data”,crowds”,shoulder to shoulder won’t determine & get info of tracking,so you let them take you over & freedom,not mine! And God isn’t pleased that we’re not defending JUST this!!! Think about that!

  8. I am 73 years and have serious health issues due to agent orange . I love Donald trump he tells us like it is,He will be proven in history as a great leader. He is my comander in chief as I served honorably in the Navy .

        1. No you won’t everybody going to die it’s a part of living if your not afraid of living fear is a prison for the mentally weak

  9. This entire virus thing is turning out to be completely politically motivated. The America First attitude was proving to be a positive catalyst for both America and the world. Every death that’s occurred since this lockdown wether cova involved or not was called death by cova to increase the scare tactics and to get more money. The only way things have half a chance to return to normal ( pre cova) is for We The People to just do it!

    1. Right on, if you’re not sick, get out of your house, we can’t let the government rule us, “WE THE PEOPLE” pay these morons to run our life and what do we get out of it? A bunch of people like Nancy, who should not even be allowed to hold a seat, at her age, let alone try to run our country. We need a new law passed that anybody who holds a seat in the Whitehouse can only serve a 2-year term like our President. Half of the people who hold seats are so old that they still live back in those times. Watch when the President is talking to them at the Whitehouse, all the old people fall asleep, or plain does not listen to our President. Get the swamp drained Mr. President. I have lung problems and my kidneys are failing me or I would have been out a long time ago. I some times wonder if the Democrats didn’t man make this Coronavirus. But lets take our rights back and get the country moving again. I applaud all of you who really are “WE THE PEOPLE” and standing up for our rights.

  10. My 70 year old husband took leave of absence from his part time job out of an abundance of caution. When I said to our son that I thought the restrictions our governor had imposed had gone from public health safety to political control, our son said I was trying to kill his dad. He said I was a danger to people with that kind of thinking. He said he was appalled with me, that my mind has been corrupted by right wing media in general. He wants me to stop watching Fox News in particular. We live in our own home. I was a Teenage Republican in 1964 and handed out campaign material for Barry Goldwater long before Rush Limbaugh’s Show or Fox News. If I don’t stop talking about politics, he doesn’t want to be around his dad and me. What is happening to people!

    1. Just to let you know that your not alone Carol, my son has not talked to me since Christmas after a complete blowout over Trump. I support him and he doesn’t. I’m also 72 and have always voted for who I thought cared about America and it’s citizens. Unlike him, it’s about the rest of the world and illegals. He chose to leave on Christmas with his family and that’s on him, but it also put an extra burden on my wife who doesn’t deserve his disrespect. Good luck

  11. Carol: The public school system, main stream media, and big tech have been indoctrinating the youth for a generation now and unfortunately many young people have succumbed to the propaganda. Colleges used to teach students how to think critically and logically, but that has long since been abandoned in the interest of conformity of thought. I hope there are still people involved and informed enough to make rational decisions about who to vote for on local, regional, and national level or our country and following generations will have a very dark future. I am 68 and married with children and grandchildren whom I am very concerned about also.

  12. This program has one end, to destroy America and give the democrats the power they crave. Neither Fauci not Birx should be anywhere near this virus. They are telling Trump what the democrats want them to say. This whole deal has been a fiasco since day 1. Whoever heard of putting healthy people in quarantine, this is to take out the work force and destroy the economy. Sick people are the ones who should be quarantined. There are too many lies here, we need someone who knows what goes on today to advise the President not someone who hasn’t seen a patient in 20yrs and sits behind a desk. How long will we wait for a vaccine? We have been waiting 20yrs for one since the outbreak then, long time to be locked down. Our President is being given bad information. These people work for China and the WHO back up China. Time for Trump to open his eyes and realize what’s going on before it is too late, and that time is very close, too close for comfort. He is a smart guy and I’m surprised he hasn’t seen through this yet.

  13. Agenda 21; Event 201 (pre-planned pandemic); and the ‘Green New Deal’ pushed by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party which Trump ‘refused’ to pass in the first stimulus package! The Democrats are using the Corona Virus to implement a takeover of the entire world called the New World Order also called One World Order. Why don’t people do ‘real’ research anymore and stop listening and reading propaganda third hand!; please go onto the United Nations website and other government websites (look at these agendas!), and see for yourself! Anyone who challenges this has not done their research, or they are part of the ‘establishment’ that we do not want for our country. There are too many fake journalists out there. Stop listening to them. Do your firsthand research.

  14. The people want to be ‘in touch’ again… so be it… We don’t need a ‘nanny’ state at all… The governments should simply tell us the problems and the solutions (social distancing until further notice) and allow businesses to open and people to come and go as they please. If they are willing to take a chance on dying … let them… that is their decision and their problem… we could have some general guideline/rules… if someone is wearing a mask then they want to social distance from others… have the courtesy to stay away from them… that is their choice. if you don’t have on a mask, others are free to hug you, shake hands, cut your hair or whatever else…. all peoples choices, with the government simply providing information for life, not policing who is too close to who. If someone violates someone else’s decision to mask and maintain social distancing then that is a simple assault on them and the violator should b arrested for ‘assault,’ not because they violated ‘social distancing’ rules.

  15. Every person has been practicing society distance all there lives. Think about it everyone has a personal space bubble based on how close you allow some one to get close to you. Think about how close you allow some one to come to you if you don’t know them, or how close you allow some one you now say a friend or a co worker, spouse etc. the spacing is different you will either move away or you will allow that person closer to you based on your comfort level. Before the media and governments created fear no one thought to much about how close some one was, but at the same time most people most likely had been exposed and even with the shut downs, a mass of people have been exposed before the stores started adding 6 feet crap to there stores. Anyone who has been to the store has been exposed already. State governments are over playing there hand now. Now looking a Trump you could blame him for the crash, but Trump is a businessman not a doctor, therefore it was looking at every American and trying to figure out want was best for America, so he listened to this so called experts who 1. had the best interest in of the American people or 2. they hated Trump and used there position help with the take down of Trump or it was for self interest. What I see now is most state governments are loving the power that they hold over the people along with senators along both party lines.

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