White House Releases the Hounds Again To Save Face After Biden Runs His Mouth

Alexandros Michailidis/shutterstock.com

No matter how hard they try to prep him, how many notecards they put in his pocket, or how clear the teleprompter is, President Joe Biden is bound and determined to show his handlers who the boss is and shove his foot down his throat.

Then again, they don’t let his foot stay in there very long. Instead in come his handlers to explain the situation, and issue the official White House stance on the subject.

Biden’s choice of venue for his latest shoe eating was during a 60 Minutes interview with CBS on Sunday, the first interview he has done in over 200 days. While discussing the pandemic Biden claimed “The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with Covid. We’re still doing a lot of work on it. It’s — but the pandemic is over.”

Naturally, the White House rushed to make an announcement following this broadcast that there is no official change in the status of a pandemic, and that currently there are no plans to remove the public health emergency. This status has been in place since January 2020 and is currently has been extended through October 13th.

This kind of backpedaling by the White House is the second incident of them having to walk back his defiant and bold statements in the last few months. Previously they have had to try and explain the official stance on the situation in Taiwan and the One China policy. A topic that has become rather muddled as of recent too.

What is most surprising about their efforts to explain either incident is that they aren’t saying he’s wrong, or that he did something bad. Instead, they are just proving who is really in charge and guaranteeing the White House will continue to operate on the same set of values and opinions from top to bottom.

However, when he recently claimed that the historic inflation that has taken place under his administration is no big deal, they undertook zero efforts to try and dispute this claim. Apparently in the eyes of White House officials, if he is making statements that make them look better, they will let anything slip.

Then again, when you look at Biden’s most recent claims that people need to watch him and look at his mental capabilities to be President. He believed that he was showing that he is fit to hold the office, and this kind of defiance is proof that he is trying to ascertain that kind of faith from his followers and instill the belief that Americans can survive his Presidency.

No matter how or why they keep releasing the hounds to guard the office, President Biden is making things much worse for the nation. We don’t have the kind of nation where the President should be saying one thing while his officials say another in an attempt to “clarify” what he meant. They need to be on the same page 24/7 and with Biden they rarely are.

With other Presidents there have been clarifications to provide context to a statement or position, here it’s all just window dressing to make his statements sound more intelligent. Here it would seem as if Biden is not actually running the country, but rather his White House staffers, VP Harris, or someone else is pulling the strings. Sending out this kind of message is incredibly dangerous, especially as countries like Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea keep upping their rhetoric.

Should any of those nations decide to dance with the US or put the nation in a position where defending another nation is required, the American people have little faith that Biden would be capable of doing that correctly. Especially after the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan and the more consistent need for WH officials to reframe his words and actions.