WHO Ignored Taiwan’s Questions At the Outbreak of the Coronavirus

We all have witnessed since the very beginning of the outbreak of the coronavirus the veil pulled over China.  When the outbreak began in Wuhan, panic, along with questions arose among the Chinese people who watched all these behind the scene, corruption took place.  The world now knows China withheld a lot of valuable information.  But China was not the only one.  The World Health Organization also knew what was happening and refused to answer any questions which came from Taiwan.

Taiwan accused the WHO of ignoring them and their questions, which put the people in harm’s way while China excluded all international bodies.  The response from the WHO is Taiwan is not a state but a province which prohibits them from being a member.

Usually, when anything from the government tries to hide something, people tend to pull together.  Within Taiwan, the people did their own thing, and it landed them reasonably well during this horrible time.  They only had two deaths and 215 cases of COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have witnessed the Chinese people uprising against the Chinese government.  Taiwan realized they were not going to get anywhere with the WHO, and they kept them out of the process they used to contain the virus.

Here is the strange part, both China and the WHO claim they have given all the help Taiwan needed.  This statement is false.  But, why would the Chinese government and the WHO lie?  Could it be they know that China was, in fact, the perpetrator in all this mess we are now facing?  It’s a great answer as to why questions don’t get answered.

The Centres for Disease Control chief Chou Jih-haw stated they wrote to China and the WHO December 31.  He requested information about the COVID-19 virus wanting to know if the virus originated in Wuhan and if the disease could be contracted through human to human contact.

Chou stated, “We asked them whether there’s a possibility of human-to-human transmission. We indeed asked them and reminded them of the matter.  The WHO confirmed it had received the letter but did not respond to it.”

Wait, did everyone catch that?  First, China and the WHO stated Taiwan had all the help they needed.  Then the truth came out that they never responded to the letter.  A big help, isn’t it?

Here are people with common sense.  Kudos to Taiwan!  The same day Health Minister Chen Shih-Chung, who sat next to Chou in the meeting, stated Taiwan immediately screened people coming in from Wuhan.  By January 2, their emergency operations began in full effect.  This ultimately gave Taiwan the upper hand and control of the virus.

Chen said they sent officials over to China in January and were refused to see patients or go to the Wuhan market where the virus was said to have originated.  This set up red flags for the Taiwanese officials, and they moved quickly to secure and brace for the worst.

As the timeline moved on, January 12, the WHO said there was no evidence the virus could be contracted from humans to humans.  By January 20, China confirmed the virus could spread from person to person.

The WHO told reporters they directly did not address Taiwan but informed China December 31 of a “pneumonia of unknown cause,” which we now know as COVID-19.  Their statement was, “Since that time until now, WHO has regarded the event as very serious and applied the full range of attention to it from across the organization.”

Did everyone catch that statement too?  “Since that time.”  Yeah, this could have been done so differently, and China must pay for their transgressions and silence on the matter.  The entire world fell victim to the COVID-19 in some form or fashion, and the Chinese government is still arguing about the facts.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang argued the facts of the outbreak.  He claims the WHO considered Taiwan as part of China.  This also is a false claim.

Taiwan contested the WHO for filing their cases under China.  It’s funny how at first, Taiwan is not part of China, according to the WHO, and now it is.  China had over 80,000 cases.  Taiwan says they are not part of the China mainland.  Maybe, China and the WHO does not want the world to know of how Taiwan battled and defeated the COVID-19.  The answers are in the eye of the beholder.

24 thoughts on “WHO Ignored Taiwan’s Questions At the Outbreak of the Coronavirus

  1. It is a shame that we are looking at a problem that is out of control because China held back information that would have been useful in controlling the virus. The question is why was WHO working with China to cover-up the problem. It seems to be like there was a conspiracy to inflict harm to the world. China should be held responsible for all the deaths in every part of the world. China should be held responsible for the economic downfall everywhere. It is time to understand that the cold war continues to be advanced by countries like China and others. I hope we can find a common ground to work together to control the virus. WHO betrayed the world by neglecting their responsibilities to the world. Instead of protecting the world, WHO chose to join China to let the virus terrorize the world. This is something that needs serious investigations to understand the purpose behind this level of negligence.

    1. It was done because they knew it would inflict the most damage on Open societies and free markets.
      Which all oppressive governments hate. Also these same governments hate to admit anything has gone wrong.
      When it does they cover it up, and try to spin it to their advantage. Its not surprising that the Unfriendly Nations helped china.

    2. WHO is owned by China. China will not help Taiwan because they consider the sovereign nation of Taiwan a rebel province.

      1. China and the WHO are by in large to blame and is responsible for the spread of this insidious COVID-19 disease.

  2. We already know that Chinese scientists developed COVID-19 in their own country, and that they allowed it to escape their labs, infecting their own people. We also know that Chinese scientists have been supposedly working with American scientists in medical research, and those same Chinese scientists have been stealing samples from American labs, taking those samples back to China and claiming the research as their own discoveries. It is my own belief that China’s ultimate goal is world domination. This, I believe, it the reason they kept quite, waiting for the virus to “take off”. Thank GOD we have a sitting President who had the brains to figure this out, and put a stop to Chinese people coming into our country. It’s a sad state of affairs that our media refuses to report not only President Trumps MANY accomplishments, but also the theft of our research. In my opinion, the main-stream media is just as culpable as the Chinese. Neither one admitted the truth. And now we know that anything the WHO says, we take with a grain of salt. Unbelievable.

  3. First off this virus comes from China no matter what the FAKE news says. Second China is not a hero country for delivering supplies to countries. China withheld important information for weeks if not over a month and let one doctor die so this info could not get out to other countries. Third the WHO is another organization in which Is corrupt because the top official was backed by China to get the job and this slimeball has come out in defense of China. This to me looks like China saw how bad this was and held back information so that America would get infected and China knew that this would hurt America not only in lives but could possibly bring it to its knees financially. With China making 90% of our antibiotics it knew it could withhold them ( as it is suggesting now) to really cripple our economy enough to bring us down. Even the left is taking China’s side in hurting America. See how Pelosi stopped the vote on the bill both parties worked on just to push their communist agenda. Now she’s trying to make the problem as the Republican’s fault all the while it was the snake Pelosi. America is fighting for its life while China, Russia, the Democrats, the fake news media, Hollywood, TV, sports, music and all the rest of those commie ass suckers try and bring it down so they can control everything. Well we can remember this when voting time comes and vote Trump in and vote the house and the senate Republican. Let’s show these commies that they can’t win with their lies and their fake news. F’’k those scum! Anyone votes democrat after they withheld hope for Americans and our front line healthcare workers and let people die and lose their jobs then F’’k them too you stupid f’’ken scum idiots! America, fight for it and your kids or lose it! Come together patriots and let’s Make America Great Again!

    1. To Ron Hopkins and Terri Zendner B0th post are very good and accurate. Look at all the hog wash Pelosi and Schumer wanted in the Bill at first. I will stand, always for the WORKING people. But Democrat? The Democrat leadership has been taken over by people Like George Soros and his Associates. Look up the Rothschild family and see what the entire family is worth. What they control and what their goals are. Do he Same with George Soros. Read what George Soros says is his life’s work. Then get a copy of the “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” by Daniel Estulin.

    2. “This to me looks like China saw how bad this was and held back information so that America would get infected and China knew that this would hurt America not only in lives but could possibly bring it to its knees financially.” I believe another reason was an attempt to destroy Trump’s chance for reelection. Everyone knows the only way Trump loses in 2020 is if the economy fails and THIS will definitely destroy the economy. Do ya think china would rather “negotiate” deals with Trump and his strong stances and tariffs or Biden and his belief that China is not a big deal – “man. We should not worry about China just make sure you give millions to my family and all will be good”

  4. Just listened to your “address” concerning the Coronavirus, Mr. President. “It came from, wherever it came from, we won’t even get into that.”??? Whaaat? Wherever it came from,Trump? You may now be afraid to say Wuhan Flu, Kung Flu, Flu Manchu, etc, but the bitter truth is two-fold; whether Red China created this “novel” Coronavirus or not, the fact remains that the collusion between the WHO and Communist China is obvious, as is the fact that this pandemic is also America’s fault, for our betraying our American companies in favor of consorting with the Godless Communist China through mass Globalization. A blind man can see that this plague originated in China, and whether Trump is now afraid to “call a Spade a Spade”, I am not. Easter is the celebration of the arising of our Lord Jesus Christ, Mr. President, after he was struck down by his enemies as we are being struck down by ours. Remember that in your sycophantic sympathy with Red China.

  5. HI
    Era F.
    Did i hear one time a few years ago from the mouth off some one that they were going to take control off AMERICA , and there would not be a shot fired ?
    I believe i did just don”t remember which country it was ! My city is a melting pot so we have every cultha there is .

  6. World Health Organization is NOT to be trusted. They deal in propaganda with no scientific basis on many issues,. We have known for decades China is NOT to be trusted. Dismiss ANY data coming from either one oof them as unreliable.

  7. Sad. All you guys think about is money. Who gives a crap if your dead. I don’t recall anyone asking loved ones on their death beds about money etc. This situation is serious . We better work together to get thru this . Do the blaming later .

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