Who Was President Trump’s Designated Survivor During the SOTU

We have all known for a long time, it is very seldom the President and the Vice President will be at the same location for specific events.  One of the tasks of the Vice President is to take over as President if something should happen to the President.  Whether the President falls ill or dies while in office, the Vice President is the next in line to step up to the plate.

If something were to happen to both of them, then the Speaker of the House would be the one given the job.  God help us if that would happen now with Pelosi as the Speaker.

For certain events like the State of the Union Address, where the President addresses all of the members within the House of Representatives, there is someone designated within the President’s cabinet who will take charge.  This only happens when everyone is altogether within one room or location.

This year for the SOTU, the Secretary of the US Department of Interior David Bernhardt was announced as the President’s survivor should something happen.  Only a cabinet member can take this task where they are in a separate disclosed location.

The only ones who did not show up for the SOTU were the Democrats who boycotted the SOTU due to their hatred toward President Donald Trump.  Those in attendance were the members of the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court Justices, the President’s cabinet members, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  They also had the top commanders within the military and the guest who was in the audience.

Little is known about these people who are chosen, and the time is not known until shortly before these types of events.  Last year the pick was the former Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.

Bernhardt is known as a former lobbyist who became the 53rd Secretary of the US Department of the Interior on April 11, 2019.  Bernhardt is in charge of an agency that has over 70,000 employees who oversee 20 percent of federal lands such as national parks, wildlife refuges, monuments, and other government properties.

The agencies are responsible for the growth and energy supplies that are reusable on federal property and bodies of water.  They also keep the trust responsibilities of 573 American Indian Tribes and the Natives of Alaska.

Bernhardt is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, as he is an avid hunter and angler.  Like many, he loves the outdoors and took part in the Board of Game and Inland Fisheries for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  So, it is possible to love guns and take care of nature all at the same time, unlike what Democrats want America to believe.

Bernhardt is also well known for his knowledge in the legal field of the government when it comes to lawmaking and active regulations.  His expertise lies within both the private sector and the government.  Bernhardt also covers the mining royalties to Indian Affairs.  He is well educated in the Endangered Species Act to the Outer-Continental leases.

Earlier from 2001 to 2009, Bernhardt was positioned in the Department of Interior as a Solicitor.  Before that time, he was a Deputy Solicitor under Secretary Norton, counselor to the Secretary, and the Deputy Chief of Staff.  He was also the Director of Congressional and Legislative affairs.

Bernhardt graduated with honors and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in political science and had a minor in business administration.  He attended the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley in 1990.

Bernhardt also graduated with honors from the George Washington University National Law Center in 1994.  His extensive knowledge and prestige earned him many different state and federal court bars.

This is the type of people President Trump has within his cabinet.  These are the people he chose to help him in his daily tasks, and they are only the best in their fields.  It was an easy choice to pick David Bernhardt out of the group of people at the last minute with such high honors and experience.

Democrats scoff at anyone who supports President Trump, so even the Democrats would not know who was the pick of the President’s survivor.  Bernhardt not only works for but supports the President in his tweets and jobs.

It would be hard to imagine if anything would happen to the President. Still, with the way the Democrats are in their seething hatred, we have seen the worst group of Democrats in history.  Preparations are always a must.

126 thoughts on “Who Was President Trump’s Designated Survivor During the SOTU

  1. I’ve been waiting for an assassination attempt, & it WILL be at the Dims behest. They are evil, & rotten to the core, & hate ALL of us, because we support OUR President. So keep your eyes & ears open, & if you see something, then SAY something! And, when we go to vote, PLEASE be careful, & on guard. In states that voted for Mr. Trump, & are going to vote for him again, I don’t foresee a problem. But, in states like Pennsylvania, or California, anything is possible. And, if you know how, please be in prayer that God will help us to win this next election, & keep us safe…

    1. Sharon Jeanguenat, I would suspect the same. There tends to be much evidence they even kill their own. President Johnson had been suspected as part of the cabal that took out JFK. Night before the “coup” he told his mistress, which she swore to, after they attended a brief meeting at a Dallas rural residence with others of the cabal, (she stayed in the car?) as LBJ and her drove away he told her, “After tomorrow, those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again. That’s no threat. That’s a promise.”
      Ms Brown was his mistress supposedly for near 40 years. She only disclosed such after his death.
      Look it up, Wikipedia has reference to her as LBJ’s mistress. Allegations also that Bush and Nixon too were at that meeting.

      1. Sr. Bush was photographed in front of the Texas School Book Depository to watch his handiwork. There were 16 shooters, the final. successful ones in a storm drain ahead of the car. It was brought to a stop so they could get their head shot that was desired by the planners. The “patsy” was photographed out front, also, 20 – 30 feet from Bush when it went down.

    2. Truthfully and well said. Amen to prayer for all of us and President Trump in these evil times, where as the Bible says in the latter days before Christs’ return, good will be called evil and evil will be called good. We see it demonstrated every day. The left hates goodness an morality.

    3. .. ‘sanctuary’ is CATHOLIC…NO Muslim assimilates. NO “C” assimilates……. The only difference between Muslim and “C” is the continent they destroy…… Just try to find a successful Muslim or “C” nation, there are none…….Remember why you voted for Trump!!!!!! Vote for ANY “C” and you vote for a traitor. NO “C” is an American!!!!!

  2. I agree we have the worst Democrats in history and my mother and her family were strong Democrats, nothing will never get done or fixed unless it all goes there way

  3. The choice between Democrats and Republicans is a choice like Plague or Cholera. The political system is so broken, only a military coup could fix it. the Democrats could have actually won with someone like Tulsi Gabbard but, this will never happen because the Miltary Industrial Complex and the Israel Lobbies will never let it happen.

    1. …There are THREE ‘parties’.. Robin Hood, the first socialist was a CATHOLIC invention. 
      A third of all elected are CATHOLIC “C” traitors and keeping the borders open. Half call themselves r, half d. Since Robin Hood, there has not been even one successful “C” nation. A HUNDRED NATIONS, A THOUSAND YEARS AND NOT ONE SUCCESS IN THE LOT! Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor and open borders.

  4. Pelosi should be removed from Congress. Her disloyalty to our President, lack of respect for the Office of the President, childlike behavior, deviant attitude expressed too many times to count, and obvious hatred for the President and the Republican Party are enough to get her out of the House, and not be THIRD in line for President in the case of loss of President and Vice President. She is mentally ill and dangerous.

    1. It would be easier for Trump to defeat a sexually-noxious apostate-religious homopervert like Buttgag than a popular dramatic demosocialist Jew with significant senatorial experience like Bernie.  America is not, nor ever should be, ready for a male-sodomite First Lady, ignoring First Timothy 2:11-15.  Explore haetcrimes.tripod.com or confrontation.faithweb.com on the Web.
      Bloomberg best not belittle the Trump, nor Bernie, although 1st-Timothy-2-violating Lizzy and Amy are fair game.
      Anti-Buttdrudge-homoqueer Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 would never have been included in the Bible if the Creator had forced homoperverts like Peterbeater to choose homosexuality.
      All live-porn impenitent indecently-hairstyled mopheaded females, even those of Trump’s family, will irrevocably be sentenced to eternal punishment in Hell. . . those who have misregarded sexually-enticing fashion and style as more important than modesty (thus violating verses 9 thru 10 of First Timothy 2:8-15). Explore RSV’s and ESV’s Numbers 5:18 in adultery context, execute-mopheads Deuteronomy 32:42, captivating-flowing-locks Song of Solomon 7:5 in private-marital-only context, and the KJV translation of First Corinthians 11:14-16 informing us that the churches of God do not have the practice of allowing the inferior gender (First Peter 3:7) to presume that her glorious (loose) long hair is adequate as a prayer covering or veil.

    2. …There are THREE ‘parties’.. Robin Hood, the first socialist was a CATHOLIC invention. 
      A third of all elected are CATHOLIC “C” traitors and keeping the borders open. Half call themselves r, half d. Since Robin Hood, there has not been even one successful “C” nation. A HUNDRED NATIONS, A THOUSAND YEARS AND NOT ONE SUCCESS IN THE LOT! Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor and open borders.

  5. I’m old and remember things from my past that governed so much of my life. One thing that always ‘stuck’ with me was the advice given to girls by my mother’s generation (that of the ‘roaring twenties’) who may have been tempted to ‘stray’ from good manners on a date.
    That was, “Ya gotta dance with the guy who brung ya!”

    1. Exactly! Something weird and looks wrinkled stupid like Pee Pee Peelousy. She MUST be removed or voted out of the House Speakers seat like MONTHS AGO!!
      Can HUMPY TRUMPY remove her like the others ? What the hell give it shot! Ops!
      Let me rephrase that a TRY!
      DEMODONKEYS will not win the WH!
      It’s ALREADY taken.

  6. I am a faithful Democrat and a retired, environmental professional. I detest what Pres. Trump is doing to our foundational environmental , and especially pollution laws. He is ignorant about well founded scientific facts concerning climate change. Please remove me from your email list.

    1. You shouldn’t even be in this conversation, Anne. You’re a rotten liberal. So bye…. don’t let door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.


      1. Know who the enemy reeallly is! Pelosi, Murkowski, Ryan and a third of all elected support all the hundred failures south of the USA…… A hundred nations, a thousand years and not one success in the lot. Vote for ANY CATHOL1C and you vote for a traitor and failure forever .

    3. Thank God we have President Trump instead of Hellery Rotten Clinton. Stooges like you, blinded by rage and dumbed down by CNN’s propaganda are the scourge of the nation!

    4. Anne Bringloe – As many others on this column have noted, your “well founded scientific facts concerning climate change” were made with the assumption that Mankind’s civilization still exists. This planet has undergone several mass climate changes throughout the eons, the Ice Age for example, and Mankind has not only survived, but evolved to prosper. The greatest threat to America environmentally is not so-called “climate change”, but mass Overpopulation due to the last decade of the last Administration’s policy of admitting anything on two legs into America, to swarm over our resources and pollute our territory with their Third-World abandon. Any given landmass on this planet has a finite area and resources, and America has breached our capacity, thanks to your Democrats, years ago. Thankfully, Nature has it’s own means of Population Control, and at any time in our future, all we now need to cull 90+% of our Overpopulation is a famine, plague, pandemic, or a combination thereof . Till then, thank our President Trump for trying to stem the flow with a figurative “finger in the dike”. Sayonara, all non-American invaders.

      1. Anne says she is a retired Environmental Professional. What was your capacity as a, “Professional?” Were you a researcher funded by a liberal think tank? Was your funding based on finding pre-conceived conclusions? Did data that did not compute get excluded because it, “Skewed” the data? Or were you a propagandist with little or no input? Climate is so nebulous a term as to be compared to bright. What is bright? Scientists claim that the Earth’s temperature is rising, but rely on data points that are taken in areas where the terrain has changed. A monitoring station that was in the woods 50 years ago is now in a densely populated are of a city now. These urban islands hold and emit heat differently than the surrounding countryside. The data is no longer relevant. Look at the pictures from 1898 and 2020 of the Statue of Liberty. The Seal level has not moved at all. However, according to “Professionals, it should have the Hudson lapping at her feet by now. Anne made a whole career out of this lie, so she has convinced herself, even in the face of facts and her own eyes, that it is true. If a scientist cannot predict the weather better than 24 hours in the future, how can we trust their models with 20 years from now? The whole thing is about giving Government control so they can “Protect us.” Save me from Government.

      2. Hooray for you!!! Hooray Hooray Hooray! Global warming.: Let us solve the ‘problem’ Here is the ONLY solution.
        Science requires release of data for other Scientists to duplicate and validate. Science needs no ‘consensus’. “Art’ requires no stinking validation. “Art’ just requires a bunch of fools following one after the other in a daisy chain of failure and failed follow the herd theories.
        Who is promoting ‘global warming’? Why are they promoting ‘global warming’? What is causing ‘global warming’? We must get to the root cause!
        The VATICAN oppressors and their ilk are promoting the ‘global warming’.
        YES, we must assume that the VATICAN oppressors are correct!
        If there is ‘global warming’ as is stated by all the ‘undeveloped’ (CATHOLIC AND MUSL1M_) countries, then what is the reason they are stating there is ‘global warming’ when they do not have the scientific knowledge to prove these claims?
        Vote for ANY “C” and science is denied.
        Now, it is time to get to the root cause, and the ONLY means of correcting ‘ global warming’. This is to make fewer CATHOLICS! Birth control is the ONLY means of doing any meaningful control of ‘global warming’!

  7. Ms Bringloe your statement about “well founded” scientific facts is just plain ignorant. For every one of your global warming crackpots you can find real scientists that disagree with your fact that this all settled scientific fact or the extent of man’s part in global warming. As it appears all of these people want one thing…to bring the United States to our knees. To turn us into a third world country. We do more than any industrialized nation in the world to have a clean environment. Just about every proclamation of the EPA during the Obama administration was designed to turn us into a third world country. They would have in a very short time completely destroyed our economy,way of life and wellbeing as the “wealth redistribution demanded by the Paris Accords and all of the different UN PROCLAMATIONS were designed to do. Nothing in any of that crap addressed the biggest pollution producing conties… just us. It’s too bad you are signing off of this site. YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING IF YOU STAYED!!! But of course if it doesn’t fit your agenda it’s bad!!!

    1. You are so right…somebody needs to tell little Greta to address her concerns to the countrys like India and China..not the US..we are doing our part and they are not siphoning our money as they were in the Paris Agreement.

  8. Years back it didn’t matter if the Speaker was of the other party because all of the gov’t had the best in mind for the country. Now though there is so much division that has been deliberately made that if something happened to our President and Vice President it would be terrible to give the job to the Speaker as her attitude is what the Communists want but with the R’s most of them aren’t for the Communists but they still have the best intentions for America. It’s not that way now as the D’s want all that would destroy our great country and that is why they liked Obama and wanted Hillary to replace him. I’m so glad that God saw it differently and blessed us with a president that loves his country and wants all the best for it. I’m praying that the Lord will put him back in for four more years.

    1. I didn’t believe we as a country could do better than President Ronald Reagan, God rest his soul. President trump wasn’t my first choice in the 2016 R primaries but when he won the nomination I gladly voted for him and I thank God President Trump won. God, in His infinite wisdom saw fit to give us one more opportunity to stand and work for goodness and turn from evil because under the former three administrations we as a country have almost completely rejected God and the foundations this country was founded upon. Because Mr. Trump has kept his promises and works for the people and ENTIRE nation to make it not only better but great again an in 2020 I will vote to keep America great. The D’s can’t understand that when the economy is great and people are doing better, that they are also doing better, because this is a battle we are engaged in. A spiritual battle between good and evil, between light and darkness. President Trump may not know this as I didn’t during the R primaries but he is the right man, at the right place for the right time to do battle with evil. I’m thankful for him and I admonish all of us to pray for him and for his and his family’s protection. The evil around him is so prevalent there isn’t anything the libs won’t do to eliminate him. There is a dossier full of people who turned on the Clinton cartel and deep state insiders and are no longer alive. This applies to deep state R’s too, like Mitt and Bolton.

      1. Me and you both hope and pray we can have Trump for another term. This global warming is made up lies and crap to keep America down as much as possible! It is a lie made up and repeated as often as possible to destroy the greatest country in the world! Thank you for the truth and GOD bless America

  9. Why does Hillary stay with bill. They both have there slush fund. He has his Ho’s she has her weiner’s wife quit commenting, your are both corrupt. How much is your net worth. Maybe 100 times what you have actually earned. Remember Don Tyson bill let him dump chicken guts in the river, until it killed all the fish. But he got him elected didn’t he. How about Bengazi stand down , and ambassador dies. Alfonso Capone could only marvel at your crimes.

  10. I have never seen such haters as the Dems are today.
    I too worry about the safety of our President and also for Mike Pence

  11. I am for Pres. Trump but I think if he wins for another four years which I am praying for, he has to heal this country of ours by forgiving his enemies for God forgives you if you learn to forgive also. I can not blame him for being so angry with them because this enemies of his could not believe he became our president and started to bother him since he was elected. First with the Russian dossier and then this impeachment. I believe is through the power of God that he was elected. I think God is starting to weed this country of bad people by fire, storms and floods to states and areas with more bad people than good.

  12. Schiff says he is not finished with Trump. He already has plans for more investigations. He isn’t going to stop.
    According to what I read on Fact Check, Adam Schiff is Soros’ boy, bought and paid for.

  13. Killery Clinton has blood on her hands because of Bengazi. She’s evil. Bill too. I think she and Bill have been behind a lot of murders. Even that last pervert they locked up. The one Bill flew to orgy island with. He didn’t commit suicide.. they had him murdered so he couldn’t talk about their dirty deeds.

  14. The large majority of you commentators are are very negative, and it seems you have no concept of what it means to be in a DEMOCRACY. This is not funny. Far Too much bias and hatred. No need for such evil remarks. Shouldn’t turn this into a verbal riot. There are around 400,000,000 people in our country, and constitutionally ALL are allowed an opinion. Listen to them, accept then /not accept them. But….all these horrible attacks are not necessary, and they serve no purpose. AGREE TO DISAGREE. Name calling is not normally an adult undertaking. Concentrate on unity, peace and acceptance. Agendas ……..everybody has got one. Our Constitution, the original one, has become so polluted with amendments til it’s unrecognizable, all to meet somebodies personal Agenda. Lets grow up and get together, lets change our thinking. and unite.

  15. If that happens, of course Pelosi will be throwing a ROYAL hissy fit to be sworn in as prez, citing the Constitution as reason for her to be QUEEN, as that is what she acts like.

  16. Secretary of Interior David Bernhardt

    And he is NOT present at the Address but in a sequestered ‘safe location.’
    Often outside ow Washington, DC at one of the assorted nuke bunkers.

  17. The thought of Pelosi becoming president is the best of all situations at the moment
    Trump is a disaster, and Pence would not be any better, if not worse.

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  19. This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want?HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

  20. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this website is something that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality. useful job for bringing something new to the internet!

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