Whoa! Mueller Lied to Congress?

Naturally, when a case is made against any leader, suspicion is given to those bringing forth said case. And so it stands to reason the Republicans or Trump fans would be wary of Democrats and special counsel Robert Mueller when an investigation was opened on the 2016 presidential election and the supposed ‘Russian Collusion.’

But it turns out they had every right to be suspicious. Not only because the whole involvement of Russia turned out to be a hoax conspired by anti-Trump FBI members and Democratic leaders but because Mueller should never have been the one to be appointed to such a case.

It has always been thought of as odd that Robert Mueller, who was the FBI Director under both George W. Bush and Obama, had met with President Donald Trump the day before he was to be assigned the investigation by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

And it should.

So why was he there in the oval office on May 16, 2017?

The president and other White House officials have claimed several times that Mueller was there to interview for the position of FBI Director himself, as James Comey had been fired by Trump just days earlier.

President Trump said, “Mueller wanted very badly to have the job as FBI director and to return to the FBI. I didn’t want him. I rejected him. By the way, how much of a conflict is it when a guy comes in wanting a job, I say no, and the next day he’s your special prosecutor? It’s outrageous.”

It would lead many to believe something else was going on.

And his then-assistant Madeleine Westerhout confirmed that the meeting was indeed an interview for the job of FBI director, as did several other administration officials, according to Fox News.

However, when the possibility of this came to light, Mueller was quick to deny it, even under oath during the July hearings.

Mueller said on July 24, “My understanding was I was not applying for the job. I was asked to give my input on what it would take to do the job.”

Now, as he held the position for some time previously, this could be somewhat understandable. But recently found documents prove that this was, in fact, not the case.

Furthermore, it has been found that Rosenstein and Mueller began having discussions about the possibility of an investigation being launched against the president on May 12, 2017, four days before the infamous meeting between Trump and Mueller. The emails made it fairly clear that Rosenstein wanted Mueller to handle such an investigation if one were to be launched in the near future.

Other sources close to Rosenstein confirmed this news. However, it seems only a select few were privy to this information.

One email from Rosenstein to Mueller said, “The boss and his staff do not know about our discussions.” Rosenstein’s boss at the time was then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It could be understood that if Rosenstein’s boss didn’t know about Mueller’s possible appointment as special counsel, the president wouldn’t either.

This means that when Mueller met with Trump on May 16, he knew that investigation was about to be launched against the president. And he also knew that he would be leading it. And he didn’t say a word.

The question is: Did Mueller actually want the FBI director job, or was it all just a cover to get information on Trump prior to the investigation?

Either way, being interviewed for such a position, especially only one day before being appointed as special counsel of an investigation that would require you to look into the FBI, James Comey, and all involved would be a serious conflict of interest.

Not to mention the fact that it is believed Mueller, during the interview with Trump, spoke about Comey and the reason he was recently fired. It would be a natural subject in a job interview, whether real or a scam. It would also make Mueller a fact witness in his own investigation, which by the way, is highly illegal. Of course, Mueller said he couldn’t remember if Trump and he talked about Comey during their conversation.

I’m sorry, but how do you forget that?

It’s far more likely that it was all a ruse, dredged up to get information about the trial, and put a plan into place.

It’s too bad none of it worked out in the end anyway — all that lying, for nothing.

129 thoughts on “Whoa! Mueller Lied to Congress?

  1. WHEN will subpoenas be issued for each and every seditious traitor who took part – in any way – in this failed coup attempt??? All of them need to be thoroughly investigated and than brought to justice!!!! How about NOW???

  2. Our Congress is so full of corrupt people. Even the FBI and CIA are corruption. Look like Obama really did influence these fool. Time to drain the Swamp!

  3. Mueller & Shift& Palosi, Obama, Hillary , Maxine, The squad should all be punished. The ones still in office should be told to step down. Americans are fed up with the crooked liberals. Joe Biden & Son Hunter belong in jail and John Kerry & his son, Nancy & her Son. Ready to see something done with these crooks. Schiff is a traitor he has to go and Palosi.

  4. Americans are sick and tired of Facebook & Twitter blocking us because we aren’t Dems and we have different views and they can’t stand it so they block us for nothing 30 days a time so they can put us off completely. Aren’t there laws to protect us? Shouldn’t we have freedom of speech as long as we aren’t making threats like so many Dems do and go unpunished.

  5. The majority of Dimocrat elected people, will stoop to any lows, to bring down the President. How can ANY Republican feel safe running for an office again?? If people that actually love this country, don’t wake up, & stand up for America, this country WILL be destroyed. I don’t have bad feelings toward gays, or transgenders. BUT, I DO have bad feelings toward those Dims who are trying to FORCE people to accept those lifestyles. I’m a Christian, & I’m sorry, but anybody that CLAIMS to be a Christian, yet promotes acceptance of those, or support abortions, they are fooling themselves. According to what the Bible says, you’re headed straight towards hellfire & damnation. People have to right to be whatever they want to be, but, I will NOT be forced to accept it. I serve the One TRUE God of the earth, & no, His name is NOT Allah. I DO believe that we are NOT supposed to discriminate against them. But, I DON’T believe that their rights supercede MY rights. It doesn’t matter if what you believe doesn’t match up withe what I believe. You have the right to believe whatever you want. I have gay friends, that are VERY good friends. But, we don’t discuss THEIR gayness, nor MY straightness. I CAN treat them as human beings, & TRY to show them that being a Christian does NOT give you a right to mistreat, discriminate, or bad mouth them. But, I DO expect to be treated the same way. And, IF I’m wrong, & die, I’ll never know it. But, IF I’m RIGHT, & they die, they WILL know that they were wrong, & will know it for ALL of eternity. As humans, we should treat each other with dignity, & respect, irregardless of our beliefs. God tells us, in His Word, HOW we are to act. Being judgmental of a person’s lifestyle accomplishes nothing. We are supposed to LOVE the sinner, but hate the sin. And, loving the sinner isn’t loving the physical person, but rather loving their SOUL, to the point that we pray for them, & witness to them, if possible. Sometimes, our actions speak louder than our words. But, I resent, as do MOST real Christians, the push to make me accept that homosexuality, or transgenderism is normal. And, if you want to THINK it is, that’s your right. Just don’t force the issue. Everybody that posts on here, have a blessed day, & take care.

  6. The public firmly believe Mueller-led investigations into the Russian gate is a politically motivated plot against our president. The Democratic needs to shift its focus on the issues concerning our country’s wellbeing, health care, employment, improvement of our social security.

  7. So is Mueller going to be prosecuted for lying to congress, he made a big deal out of prosecuting people for doing that, what sauce for the goose is gravy for the gander, prosecute the gander he served a lot of sauce to several geese

  8. Komrad Mueller has been a dedicated Marxist all his professional life. Back in the aftermath of the original jihadist attack on that New Jersey Convention facility he refused President Bush’s suggestion to establish a tracking system on recently arrived probable young jihadists. He declared that such a system “would be un-American”. Then we had the New York attack (3,000 dead), Florida attack (300 dead), South Carolina attack (30 dead), San Bernardino attack (40 dead)…

  9. I think the first plan was to get Mueller in charge of the FBI to protect all the people that were trying to get rid of Trump and when it didn’t work out they put him in charge of investigating Trump. They are all corrupt and should already be sitting in prison cells!

  10. If Mueller had been named FBI Director, he would have been in a good position to spy on the President and assist in the government coup that the deep staters want.

  11. What does one government employee needs to be to get legal immunity against lying to Congress? Is being a corrupt democrat the necessary and sufficient condition to avoid being punished like any other citizen would be? How many sets of laws do we have in America?

  12. This just confirms my contention at the time that the whole collusion thing was a set-up; part of an extra-judicial coup and that the key player was Rosenstein. These people need to be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law, if found guilty.

  13. So we are slowly finding all the traitors liars an spies. When will charges be made on them. And do this not with Democrats that cant be trusted

  14. Never trusted Mueller…He has been involved in several crimes that have yet to see
    the light of day and he wanted the FBI job so he could RAT on the President with
    ‘Rosenstein another crooked SOB….I hope they hang both of them…

  15. There is no secret that our God doesn’t know. God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Muller lied to American people but God is in control.

  16. The more anyone learns about the ins and outs of working within the Washington government complex it becomes clear that it is very rare that someone like a Donald Trump who has no chips to dole out can cause havoc in the status quo. President Trump doesn’t have to answer to any hidden cronies who payed out thousands or maybe even millions to get him elected. It is no wonder that he is feared by many in the “establishment” and admired by the general public. His tenure in office gives a new twist to the meaning of term limits for the taxpayers to consider, possibly it is time to open the doors of our government to those who want to serve the public, instead of those who give lip service to the term and instead want a long lasting career on the dole.

  17. Well, wow..!! Now, the ONLY thing ALL the good-for-NOTHING democRATs should DO… Spend the rest of their WOTHLESS life in PRISON !! – starting w mueller, hildabag,obummer…etc…

  18. I hate Mueller as much as the next person, but I am not sure he lied to Congress about the “interview”. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure he was there for an interview and he never should have taken the job as SP, given that interview. But when he testified before Congress, I think by that time he was suffering from dementia and if he lied or really believed that he was not there for an interview because that is what his gang told him, I don’t know. Regardless of that, when he took the SP job, he knew it was a conflict of interest and never should have done it, IF he was the stand up guy they wanted us to think he was. It was clearly a conflict and Rod Rosenstein knew it.

  19. Mueller is a criminal and treasonous component of a terminal viral pandemic plague that adhere to and embrace the principles of Communistshariazionhasidism and should be sterilized from our environment like the rest of the deadly disease.

  20. Is t it interesting that the DS rats were lining up theirs “insurance policy “ together? This was already put in place before this meeting, actually the day Trump won and they knew if HRC wasn’t in, then all of their skullduggery would be revealed! What’s really sad is there all still there in power! Wait until Barr finalizes his foreign investigations:Italy, Australia, Great Britain, Ukraine, Romania, for example. The treason will cave in the government. Maybe it’s the end of the CIA for good! White Hats are in control!

  21. All I can say is too much evilness is going on to harm my president. These lies, accusations and
    Enemy traitors of the left are really causing the
    World to look at the U.S. and see how corrupt our government has become! It is plain to see,
    Anything the president does or says nothing is right or good. Get down to Brass Tax and Jail and I mean prosecute all these Assholes!!!

  22. Satan doesn’t sleep. He spurs his minions to keep evil pressure on decent, honorable humans. President Trump has the prayers and energy of a Conservative Nation, the U.S.A, to withstand these assaults. Mueller, Resenstein, Brennan, Clinton, Comey, Soros and other slimy snakes are ALL working for Satan. AND THEY ALL KNOW IT! They don’t want the things they do in the dark to be brought into the light. But our Savior, Jesus Christ declared that things whispered in the dark shadows would be shouted from the rooftops. And so it goes. Thank God! This nation WAS in Satan’s clutches for decades. He and his minions are being exposed! And we hope indicted and prosecuted, giving honor and dignity back to the governmental administration WE put into office . God Bless America! God support and defend President Donald J. Trump OUR President! In GOD we trust!

  23. Duh!
    You believe that? You believe everything Trump says? How about oranges?
    There is a lot to improve in our government, but burying your head in the sand doesn’t help.
    Link all the dots. Support the initiatives you like, but make sure you protect your butt. That means our country, FIRST.
    Our Country, Land That We Love.
    Let’s keep loving it.

  24. Obviously, all for nothing? It didn’t get him anywhere? A lie is a lie bottom line. As they say, ” The truth shall set you free!” I love that saying. It is an awesome situation that my former party party was a bunch of liars? You know what they say about liars? They all go to hell! What a terrible death. We don’t want to participate on that side. Thank you God.

  25. Just wondering , with All the evidence against this ugly bag of Liberal Democratic Snakes and their Crooked Minions !
    Why is it taking so long to arrest and Jail these Traitors until they are Tried and Shot or Hung for Treason , against the people of the United States of America !
    How long do you think that the American people are going to put up with the staling?
    Come on “WE THE PEOPLE ” are waiting for some real JUSTICE here !

    1. If you want real justice you won’t find it in the courts controlled by government officials. You have to hold your own court just as the French citizens did to rid themselves of their aristocrasy which we now have who put themselves above the law. When you have rats in your house you don’t ask them to leave. We as a people need to get rid of our rats once and for all. They are suppose to work for us not the other way around.

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