Why 200 Illegals Surrendered to Border Agents

Illegal aliens are found in every state in the country. They usually do not trust the people around them because there are fearful that they will be discovered and sent back to their home countries. Most illegals work on a cash-only system as they cannot be paid in any other form. This allows them to not have to file taxes or be held accountable for their part of the national responsibility to fund a government. While some may be hardened criminals and seek to harm others, some are just families seeking a better life for themselves. But that does not mean that they have the right to be in America without being here legally.

In Tucson, Arizona 129 illegal aliens in just one group alone turned themselves over to border patrol. This was near the town of Sasabe, Arizona. The group of people had a wide range of ages represented. There were kids as young as six-months to adults in the 50s. All of them were from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. They were trying to infiltrate the United States illegally and got caught. The media have posted a picture of the migrants that surrendered, and it looks like they are all kids. But that is not the case. The media are liberal and want to keep adding to the pile of pictures of so-called mistreated people.

This area of the country is a hot spot for illegals trying to enter the country. The news did not tell what the people were doing in such large groups because they did not want the public to know that they were coming over the border at night and illegally. In October alone, the agents of Tucson arrested 6,352 people trying to cross illegally. Some were so-called family units and others were solo crossers. Who knows if the families are true families or not? They very well could be fake families trying to come into the country.

These border agents are pulling double duty as they patrol the border and care for the needy. But recent events with the Trump Administration has reduced the numbers crossing by over half. This has greatly helped the border crisis. The border agents can now engage the human smugglers and drug agents trying to get their load of people or drug packages across the border. President Trump has been proved correct on several incidents regarding border matters. These 200 people that have been caught just show that the urgent nature of the border needs to address soon.

What is not being reported on by major news agencies is that these kinds of numbers are a constant theme in this area. There has never been a greater need for a border wall than right now. These people were arrested within five hours. One by one they turned themselves in because they were tired of running and hiding from the agents. Nearly 30 percent of the people that are caught simply turn themselves in for various reasons.

Some of those people coming over the border are said to not be traveling with a parent. They are a single minor making their way north. These are the kinds of people that end up in gangs and becoming some of the most horrific criminals. President Trump has no mercy on the gangs coming from South America. They are caught and kicked out of the country as they should be.

The border agents and other agencies that staff this area spend millions every year to construct or fix wall segments that are just falling into ruin. The need for a new and better wall is extremely high. The Democrats in Congress have all but fought with the president to give up the money that is needed to secure the border in places like Tucson. Thankfully President Trump is resourceful and has found ways to make the border wall a reality. If Congress is unable to do their job, then they can be left out of the victory dance that the president gets to enjoy because of his successes as president.

71 thoughts on “Why 200 Illegals Surrendered to Border Agents

    1. Why Pelosi approved millions and millions of dolars to protect illegal inmigrants there in one part of the middle east? This woman is a devil that have to be kick out of the GOP!
      She’s an anti-america!

      1. Pelosi is a democrat. All democrats are sick. All democrats should be either killed or exported to a country that hates them. This includes my sisters, Linda Wistrand and Judith Bice.

      2. Rose, it is because, with open borders, certain people would not be able to kidnap babies and children. Nancy Pelosi and others are into human trafficking. Immigrants coming here barely speak English. All it takes is for one of Pelosi’s spies is to just say they saw child abuse of these immigrants and those kids are taken away and never seen again. They are taken to a secret cult and raped to death, skinned for leather products and the what is left is cooked and eaten for dinner after a ritual is performed through their god “Morlach”, the god of molestation. All this information came from Google, I am not making it up.

          1. The impeachment has to stop. It’s illegal to impeach the president with out the probable cause to USA citizens that r tax payer wasting their money.

  1. 200 down and 30 million to go. We need all of these invaders deported and any politicians that cannot see the problem that they cause the country.

  2. Stop giving these border jumping criminals a ride back across the border. Take their shoes, sandals, moccasins, etc. and have them WALK back. just like they walked to here. Sore feet, and a kicked BUTT will impress on them that– (CRIME DOES NOT PAY).

  3. These people keep coming because they’re told that once you make it across the border, “Everything is free”. The ones that have allowed this to happen for the last sixty years, that I know of, are the Demo(n)cats. The same Demo(n)cats that created the National debt and have sponsored and paid American taxpayers money for the United Nations, where the United States of America pays sixty percent of the budget but only gets one vote out of 180 (one hundred and eighty) countries.
    We won’t have a country anymore if Americans don’t wake up.

    1. Maybe we should let them stay and deport the Democrats. Once the illegals learn they need to work their asses off like the rest of us they’ll gladly leave on their own.

      1. Don’t believe that, the worst condition here is better than where they came from. Many illegal immigrants have almost taken over non union construction jobs, landscaping, home cleaning and fast food restaurants, etc. They don’t pay taxes, but some receive state benefits.

  4. The reason for the Democraps want to let everyone over the border and bad mouth our agents is because they are votes for their party. By the way these Democraps need to spend one day in the trenches with our dedicated agents protecting our borders and country.

  5. Problem: Media reports a liberal agenda. Rarely the truth, helpful, happy, moral or patriotic stories people want and need to hear. Our media is no different than communist media because of the dusgusting liberal scum.
    Fact: We absolutely do not need TV news, newspapers or pathetic, disturbing talk shows.
    Solution: Stop supporting the crap. Don’t read or watch it and stop supporting any sponsorship of these entities by boycotting products that support them.

  6. Meanwhile, Pelosi and her band of minions try to piously contend that they give a rip about these poor, innocent people. I would like for them to have a better life, but let them do it legally as thousands before them have. America cannot save the whole world, and while they are living here, taking advantage of all the benefitss, yes, they are being paid under the table, and paying no taxes. I personally know of one who bragged to my son that he was working to put his kids through college, and when that was done, he would go back to Mexico! And there are others that I know of, having one baby after another, and stretching our system to the breaking point. And here in North Carolina, we have a useless governor, and sherrifs, who are refusing to cooperate with ICE. They are democrats, of course, and none of these democrats actually give a rip about those people. They are just hoping to get their votes!!

      1. Stop Welfare, and Free Everything etc. to Non-Citizens and Most of this B/S will Go Awaaaay! Quickly! They are here for the Free Ride! Same as the Hadjiis in Britain! THEY Claim they’re here for a Better Life, than they had in the Banana Republics they came from! Getting everything they need, AND FREE $$$ Cash Money! It doesn’t ever get any BETTER Than That! They Get PAID to Breathe And Breed!

  7. It is a crime that the successes of Trumps presidency go unreported and those that are reported are twisted from the positive that they may be into negatives by a biased opinionated press. Leftist use their constitutionally protected rights to misrepresent and ignore the truth. This is not what is meant by free press! They are NOT “free” to misrepresent the truth. Free does not mean they can print only the news that favors their political agenda. Freedom of the press means that the news media is free to print the truth no matter where it takes us. They are not free to mislead, misrepresent, or to push a political agenda!
    A free press has only one agenda and that’s “Truth” supported by facts otherwise it is propaganda.. Unfortunately for the general public we can no longer trust our main stream media to deliver the truth.
    Our country is being split into “warring factions”.. When we can no longer peacefully disagree all of our precious freedoms and liberties are at risk. A press that creates and encourages disorder, coercion, and distress is not an asset to our country, it has made itself a liability of the lowest order and a political tool for spreading discord and controlling the masses.

      1. You just can’t stand hearing the truth, eh James!! Your ignorance is on display for all the World to see! Audry is spot on!!!!

      2. Truth HURTS, Doesn’t it Jamie! How much in Welfare/Benefits, are YOU and Yours Knocking Down?? The ‘Fifth Column’ (Look up That Term) Press and Media we currently have, are seeking our “Representative Republic’s” [ We are not a Democracy!] Demise!! When the U.S.A. falls, this world Will NOT be a Better Place!

  8. Glad to hear the news media has done some reporting about the illegals that are still entering into our country, in hope they can remain here and eventually become dependents on our government. We the tax payers can not afford to retain more people than the citizens of America. We need our jobs for our people, not those that come here, because they’re loser who don’t want to work and want to take advantage of our kindness. We must deport them back to where they om from. Many of them are criminals and others come here loaded with drugs that are killing our young people, even though we should be extra hard on anyone who uses drugs to destroy themselves. Anyone caught buying, selling, or taking drugs, should be sent to jail for four to six months and I’m sure they will learn a good lesson.

    1. Only a damn fool though believes that trade agreements between developed nations and developing nations benefit the citizens of the former consider the enormous trade deficit between the United States and China and Mexican nationalists are far more destitute than Chinese nationalists they will never come close to buying even an equal amount of Made in the U.S. goods as our citizens will be purchasing of products made in Mexico.

    2. Even if they do it will be on low cost products and not more expensive products so the exchange in money will still favor Mexican companies or wealthy Americans with manufacturing operations in Mexico with the Mexican government receiving all the tax revenue.

  9. I think that the democrat politicians need to be dressed in decent clothes and shoes a cewdollars in their pockets. Dropped alone along the major crossings the coyotes use. Let them see what comes across the border for themselves.

  10. Out of these 200 there is one that will speak up for a good price. Tell them the amount and what other benefits they got coming and woo la the guy in the green camouflage is your man. These immigrants are looking for a better living, correct, but that does not give them the right to violate our laws. Pelosi and all her Democrats want open borders to make Americans believe that they are willing to help everybody. Once all these illegals are here, they will forget about them just like everyone else.

  11. They surrender so that we the American public have to pay for their upkeep in jail! They should be turned back immediately! We should not have to pay for their upkeep or their medical either! And all the Dems need to be booted out of Congress! They are a disgrace to this USA. Totally UnAmerican!

  12. These poor people suffer because Democrats leaders give them the incentive to risk their lives to try to come here. Their blood is on Democrat leaders . Every last one of them.

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  14. Those poor people! Those poor people are a plague on this country. You think the majority of them leave their old habits at home after they cross the border? There are 12 Countries in South America and 23 in North America. Other than a few of the Island Nations that we support or are dependent territories of other Nations, everyone else is considered developing or third world country. How long does it take for a country to be developed? They have been here forever and no change other than for the worse. That’s their people here and back in their countries. At least if your coming to the US, try and conform. The report on DACA kids found that 10% commit crimes from DUI to Rape. That’s kids. What are they going to do as adults? But we can’t do without them
    because we’ve become to lazy.

  15. The simple truth is we have no place for them in our society! They have no skills! nThey do not speak our language! We have no more freebies to give them! They carry diseases! All they want is for us to give them what we do not have! They are not our responsibility! They have come in uninvited and are not welcome to stay!

  16. What a bunch of baloney. They didn’t turn themselves in because they were tired of running and hiding from the border patrol. They likely INTENDED to turn themselves in as soon as they found a border patrol agent to surrender to. That’s the plan here: the illegals come across the border illegally and find a border patrol agent, turn themselves in, and request asylum. Under our current broken immigration laws, even someone who enters illegally can request asylum. So, they all do. Requesting asylum (90% of them are not eligible for asylum) gets them into the country and gets them the opportunity to plead their case in court. Since the immigration court system is so overloaded, they will be in the country 2 or 3 years waiting for their court case. Then, if they lose, they’ve been here long enough to have a couple of anchor babies and to build lives here, causing the liberals to cry about breaking up families and to demand that they stay and receive amnesty. Even if they lose their court case, they win. They are already here and ICE must track them down to remove them. That’s why Remain in Mexico is so important. If they don’t get in, and they wait in Mexico, they can all be processed and have court hearings. Those with a valid asylum case can be allowed in. The 90% who do not have a valid case will not. It leaves more time to help those with a valid asylum case and we don’t have to try to find and remove those who do not have valid cases.

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  18. If the Democrats want to try causing all these problems, they should have to use the Democrats pocket of money not the nations. Then maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to cause all this trouble!!!

  19. The hypocrisy of our federal and state governments to enforce our nation’s immigration statutes is criminal. They encourage illegals to enter our nation and promise them perks America’s legal citizens do not get. Each and every elected official that does not ensure our immigration laws are enforced should be indicted and prosecuted for violating the law and their oath of office. Each and every employer of even one single illegal alien that does not use E-verify, pays suspect persons cash only and fails to collect social security and withholding taxes from them should be indicted for violating our immigration laws. Now, we have no consequences and a government that turns their heads to the thirty plus millions of illegal immigrants that are robbing American citizens of jobs, tax money, destroying our infrastructure, environment, schools and overwhelming our justice system. Deport each and every one of them and prohibit them from ever applying for U.S. citizenship. The rule of law must once again mean something, no matter who you are and that includes the corrupt politicians.

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