Why Trump Doubled Down on Roy Moore

President Trump has recently warned Roy Moore not to seek another Senate run in 2020.

The issue is whether he is fit to be in office. Trump has recently warned Roy Moore not to seek another Senate run in 2020. He took offense and told Trump that it really is up to the Alabama voters to decide if he should be in office or not.

He has stated, “The president doesn’t control who votes for the United States Senate in Alabama. People in Alabama are smarter than that. They elect the senator from Alabama, not from Washington, D.C.”

Moore is someone that has been under investigation for various issue during his time as judge and senator.

There are several other Republicans along with the President that are recommending that he not pursue another run for the senate seat. The Republican party believes the Alabama seat is a critical one for their control over the Senate.

They believe that if they can get Jones out of his seat in 2020, then the conservatives will have a good number of votes in order to get things done.

Moore was defeated in 2017 during a special election run off. During the time Jones was accused of sexual misconduct years in his past. All the accusations came to light once Moore won the GOP nomination by winning over a Trump endorsed candidate.

President Trump has mentioned that he really has nothing against Moore other than the accusations. He has mentioned that if Moore were to lose, then the effects in the Senate would be terrible.

Others believe that Moore is the best chance for the Democrats to take a Senate seat. Steven Law, who is the president of Senate Leadership Fund, has stated, “We believe most Alabama Republicans realize that nominating Roy Moore would be gift wrapping this Senate seat for Chuck Schumer.”

In full defiance of what others are indicating he should do, Moore has stated that, “They know I’ll win. That’s why they’re upset.”

Moore still is fighting the allegations against him and continues to maintain that he did nothing wrong. He believes that the accusations against him are fake, and he will come out victorious in the end defeating the allegations and defeating his opponent for the seat.

The Republicans want him to see the bigger picture.

If they were to lose the seat because he was forced to resign, then it would have a devastating effect in politics.

Senator Todd Young, who is the National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman, has talked with President Trump recently and voiced his concerns regarding Moore and him running again.

Now that the President has taken an active interest in Moore many Republicans believe that Moore will not be able to win a primary race.

Many people from Alabama love the President and listen to what he has say. There are many strong contenders for the Republican nomination in the state of Alabama that are able to defeat Moore should he decide to run for the seat again.

However, many of the contenders have made statements to or against others in politics that may come back to get them should they win the election.

Republicans in the state are watching Moore closely and have decided that if Moore runs then their goal is to beat him in the race so there is no runoff needed to gain a majority.

So far there is only speculation about the size of Moore’s base for the nomination and support in Alabama. One view is that if Moore is not defeated with a majority in the state, then it could be bad for the Republicans overall in the Senate as they could lose a seat to the Democratic Party.

It would be wise for Moore to listen to people that he has worked with in the past regarding their concerns for him running again.

If there are that many people from within a supporting party standing in the way, then it would be best for him to sit this round out and get everything worked out that people are making accusations about.

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