Woman to Bloomberg Regarding Gun Ownership: “Mike, Come and Take It.”

There is no doubt about the man’s wealth and seemingly endless resources, hell – he’s even trying to buy the Presidency. There is one thing that Mike Bloomberg’s billions can’t touch, however, at least not without a fight, and that’s our rights. His last million-dollar effort to buy voters was aimed at gun owners, then gun owners and the NRA fired back.

Presidential candidate and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg probably considers it a victory. Most of us though didn’t consider it, remember it, or see it. But he bought it, all the same. According to one story, it was a reported $10 million the billionaire candidate spent for a one-minute commercial slot during the Super Bowl.

That is the thing about the Super Bowl, however, because it is a big deal, and everyone talks about every aspect of the gala event, including the much-anticipated commercials. Among those commercials that people found advanced showings of was apparently Bloomberg’s gem.

Even before the halftime show, where scantily clad female pop stars took subtle shots at Trump’s immigration reform policies, the NRA was loading, taking aim, and firing back. And fire back they did, as one story reported, tweeting:

“NRA members don’t like hypocritical NYC billionaires. You want to know how real Americans feel, Bloomberg? Watch this! Your $10M #SuperBowl ad won’t beat the American spirit. You want to take our guns, go ahead and try. We will fight for our freedom.”

The “this” the tweet was referring to was a video put together by the NRA that shared voices and faces from every walk, race, gender, and age of people defying anyone to take their rights. Then the Twitterverse exploded.

Tweets saying things like, “They refuse to take the guns out of the criminals hands but instead they want to take the guns away from law-abiding citizens So all lawful ppl will hand in theirs but criminals will not turn them in…”

And expressing concerns like:

“Mike Bloomberg does not represent the millions of law-abiding gun owners in this country who want to protect themselves, and if the need arises, protect the lives of others. His policies and rhetoric will be destructive and irreversible.”

These are a few of the many shots fired back, but it was the personal shots that could be felt, and that revealed the real issues and concerns of 2nd Amendment defenders. That was the point of the NRA video and response to Bloomberg’s SuperBowl ad. It was meant to be personal.

In that video, a black man states, “Mike Bloomberg is a white billionaire who has no place in telling me how I can defend myself or my loved ones.”

In another segment of that video a mother of a young child speaks to the camera saying, “As a mother of a 3-year-old little boy, my family means everything to me… as a woman, I believe the best way to protect myself is with a firearm.”

Then another woman in the video said, “Think about the women in your life… are you OK with the fact that your policies could leave them defenseless?”

Of course, as our story reminded us, Bloomberg with his money, and his protective services would never experience those real concerns!

Nonetheless, these were personal, passionate, and heartfelt messages, but one message summarized the overall feeling of them all. One woman in the video captured the feelings and the anger about being forced to defend our 2nd Amendment rights.

In the video, she simply said, “Mike, come and take it.”

That message was also reinforced at the end of the NRA produced video, as a series of people, one after another vowed to not allow Bloomberg or anyone to infringe upon their 2nd Amendment rights. We will never know how many voters the billionaire presidential hopeful won (or bought) with his SuperBowl commercial but we do know that he definitely drew fire.

Maybe Bloomberg thinks he can buy the Presidency of the United States? And quite honestly, isn’t it possible? What he can’t do, however, is buy or take our rights. And if he or anyone else tries, well as one true-blooded American woman said – “come and take it.”

82 thoughts on “Woman to Bloomberg Regarding Gun Ownership: “Mike, Come and Take It.”

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    1. It’s going to take an old rich white man to take out another rich white man. Difference is: Bloomberg makes his money honestly and does not take donations. Whereas, Trump takes huge corporate donations and will not show his tax returns! No one will take a hunting rifle or handgun away! Honestly Republicans!

      1. We’re still waiting for Barry’s real Birth Certificate, Selective Service card, College Transcripts, that he hired an Army of Lawyers to block their release, as well as answering what Country’s Passport did he use to visit most of those Muslim Countries he spoke about, since he never had a U.S. Passport of his own, until his “Selection” to the U.S. Senate. By the way, the Second Amendment wasn’t written by the Founding Fathers to safeguard Americans’ Rights to go hunting; it was written for the people, as the Militia, to repel invasions, halt Insurrections, and guard their rights in this Republic from those who would try and impose Tyranny on the people. The only way that runt, Bloomberg gets in the White House, is if he takes the tour. Trump 2020. So, get over it, already. Don’s going to be there a while.

      2. Apparently you wake up in a new world every day. Bloomberg makes his money honestly. What a joke ! Further more NO WHERE in the Constitution does it say one must show his or her tax returns in order to run for the Office of President of the USA. Also damn near all of the Democrats want to take away the right to bear arms. You are just one of the people the politicians & the Media have dumbed down. Please crawl back in your hole !


      1. No he didn’t. Doris.
        Quit watching cnn. Your ignorance is showing. And by the way. This country will be so red come November it’ll make all you snowflakes looking for your safe space.
        Probably won’t be a bathroom as your kind aren’t sure if they should use the girls or boys.
        Pathetic bunch. Lol.

      2. Dorelle,

        Please back up your assertions. Blindly making them weakens your position
        First, the 2nd amendment isn’t about hunting rifles. It is about personal protection from tyranny
        Second, how did president Trump buy his way into the presidency?

  3. Well, you knew that the Democrats would change the rules to try to “screw” Bernie and to keep Bloomberg from running as an independent as did Ross Perot, so you shouldn’t be surprised at the deceit shown by the democratic party.

  4. If someone like this emotionless cyborg billionaire can buy the Presidency without any Platform and simply for the purpose of fulfilling a personal vendetta with the expressed purpose of disarming his constituents, that is an America in which I no longer wish to live.

    1. The only way Bloomberg will be in the White House, is if he takes the tour. The little runt will be nowhere near becoming President, unless it’s of his Marjong Club. He sucked as Mayor of New York, and only became a “Republican” because he couldn’t get the Democratic endorsement for their Candidate for Mayor. There is nothing Republican, or Conservative about the little worm, originally from Boston, Mass of Two Shitz, the most Liberal State in the Union. This little Nanny Bloomberg is only topped at sucking as Mayor by David Dinkins, and the reigning, and raging Communist, Bill DeBlowhard. DeBlowhard is as useless a bag of garbage as that other two legged piece of trash, Cuomo. So, you see, they all suck, and pretty much equally, too. You never see or hear Bloomberg, Schumer, Cuomo, DeBlowhard, and the rest of the Democraps about “Gun Control”, and banning Semi-Automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns from the Citizens in Israel. Why not? How come they don’t disarm the Israelis from the potential dangers of gun ownership? I think that we can all come to the same conclusion about that.

  5. Why can I not unsubscribe from this garbage? Nothing happens when I hit “unsubscribe”. I do not want this on my iPad. I nearly deleted this message for fear of retaliation.

    1. Marsha Ridenour: No need to have “fear of retaliation”, Marsha, if you don’t want something, or don’t agree with it. After all, this is America, where you are Constitutionally guaranteed the freedom to speak as you like by the First Amendment. The subject of this forum, Michael Bloomberg, thinks that his billions give him the right to ignore the Constitution as he sees fit. That is exactly the sort of President that we neither want or need for our America.

      1. That’s right, Marsha. This is America, where you have a Constitutional right to be an idiot, where you and your kind never fail to exercise that right. Please depart from this Forum, which will leave the venue that much fresher, the sky will be that much bluer, and life will feel good once again. Please don’t delay, just go.

  6. When Bloomberg fires his armed guards, then he can talk all he wants about gun control. It won’t allow him to get my guns and I know he will never do it anyway. What a hypocrit!

  7. Would rather have a billionaire in the WH than a lying phony who only wants to be a dictator. A Former Republican. And grow up you people that are so worried about your 2nd Amendment rights. The amendment was instituted when we didn’t have a standing army or a national guard (not the case now). Also they had weapons that took 30 second or more to load and fire. Having been in the Marine Corp, sure it was fun shooting an automatic weapon but even though we were trained , we were not allowed to bring it home. These weapons have NO PLACE in a Community. You want to shoot it and own it go to a range and leave it there under lock and key. Also strict control of what kind of character can get a weapon is
    just common sense.

    1. That’s odd. When my father was being Discharged from the Army Infantry in the mid 1960s, every Soldier could buy their rifle that they used in the Service from the Army, directly.

    2. You are one ignorant dumbass! and there is no way you were ever in the Marines! Unless perhaps you were “field music” Always blowing something!

    3. Larry, if Pres. Trump was a dictator his enemies would all be in the gulag, like Bernies Boys want to put us, or they’d be gone, like Nanzi wants to do to us. No, Pres. Trump is not a dictator and he’s not a liar. Name one lie he has told with documentation to back it up. I always ask you loony liberals to list the lies but none of you do. We need a successful businessman to get America back from the brink where Barry Hussein took us. As far as our 2nd Amendment~~ I’m with the lady on the video…. come and take it.

      Thank you for your service to our Country. My family has been in every war back to the Revolution. I appreciate veterans, but I do not appreciate anyone who wants to stomp on my rights.

    4. What about the criminal who still has one and wants to come into your home and kill your entire family while you watch and are helpless and then kills you and takes what ever he wants, Oh I forgot before they kill all of you they make you watch while they Rape your Daughter in front of you

      1. That actually happened to a Doctor, and his wife, and two young daughters. These two pieces of filth committed a Home Invasion, and beat the father severely, and threw him down the stairs, into the basement. His wife, and two young girls were all brutally raped, then tied to the bed, and then set on fire. These two vermin never would have gotten so far if either the father, or mother, had access to a handgun, and then used it on these animals. This happened in Connecticut. Look it up, and read more about it. This what happens when good, honest, Taxpaying Citizens are left unarmed, and defenseless in a world full of two legged animals. Thank your Liberal Democraps for all of these laws, and Policies, that make crimes like this possible, every day.

    5. Machine guns have been comprehensively regulated at the federal level since the 1930s, and the manufacture or importation of new machine guns for sale to civilians has been banned since 1986.
      And the purpose of 2A was to give We the People the ability to defend against a Bloomberg type of tyrannical government that had a British type of standing army it might use against us.
      And are you really from around these parts you sound like a furoner???

    6. Lawrence: Having been in the marine Corp. I wonder just where & when you went wrong. Whet so many of you gun grabbers don’t want to admit, is the FACT, that if they ever confiscate
      our guns, we will not be able to protect ourselves from the Criminals who will still get their guns illegally, any way they can. Also in case you haven’t heard, the Cities with the most gun laws are the ones having so many killings & robberies going on daily.

  8. Larry – People like you are the problem. Because YOU don’t like guns you want everyone to do the same?

    If you are in the Swiss forces, then You maintain your weapon. They have a low crime rate because the people are ARMED and TRAINED.

    “ The regulations of the Swiss militia system stipulate that the soldiers keep their own personal equipment, including all personally assigned weapons, at home , or in an armory. Compulsory military service applies to all male Swiss citizens, with women serving voluntarily,”

    You have the RIGHT to have a firearm, you don’t like guns? Then don’t use one, but DO NOT SIT ON YOUR HIGH PILE OF BS and dictate to us how we will pursue OUR Right.

    USMC? Apparently you learned NOTHING while in the Corps. Do you think your globalist billionaire has your interests? You better wake up because people like him ARE the dictators. Thank God that President Trump was elected, because we couldn’t endure 4 more years of treasonous activities by that President. Everything the democrats said against President Trump was what obama did! He should have been impeached under SEVERAL instance of high crimes and misdemeanors.

    You are totally clueless about the 2nd Amendment and probably the rest of the Constitution. It’s not archaic, so I suppose the Constitution in your view, especially the 1st Amendment is irrelevant because it doesn’t address modern technology, “The amendment was instituted when we didn’t have (insert your smartphone, tablet, internet)” so, I think the government knows what’s good for me and I ll just be a mindless lemming”.

    No Larry, you don’t want to excercise that Right, then DON’T, but people like you live in some kind of snowflake bubble that no manner of conversation will allow you to see the folly of the progressive social democrat agenda that is here to attack America from the inside.

    Start thinking for yourself and stop letting the talking heads on the propaganda mills masquerading as legitimate news to do the thinking for you, and worse tell you HOW to think.


  9. Bloomberg wants to take the U.S. in the direction that he and Soros are trying to take Virginia. The last time a candidate and party pushed gun control at a national level, they lost big at the ballot box. And while the Dems are always harping about the mass shootings – fortunately they are few, and fortunately lawful gun owners have interrupted or stopped a few.
    And with the success of CCW nationally where not unfairly or illegally constrained by the Dems, crime has generally declined. Plus, more and more women are purchasing firearms, and the modern sporting rifle platforms have introduced more and more people to recreational shooting.

    As to you Larry – the semi automatics available to the public are not the same as you used in the military. Again, the MSR’s are semi-automatic, and these type rifles have been available to the public for near 100 years, including detachable magazines. Plus, rifles used in murders resulted in less deaths that knives or even hands and fists. Try looking at the CDC statistics. And if you want to deep dive the firearm deaths in total almost 2/3 are suicide, and the rest are likely more tied to gangs and drug activity (in Dem controlled cities) than actual domestic crimes.

    1. Ah. No. Hands of ALL the amendments, most especially the 2nd one that insures the other nine arent just ” suggestions” readily ignored by the progressives.

  10. Your choice. But if you live in Chicago, let me know how secure you feel when you are in the wrong part of town. Their gun laws have really helped…

  11. I’m sorry, I forgot trump is a ” man or the people” grew up on the poor side of town and had to drag himself up from the poverty of a wealthy military school; only to avoid military service when all the rich kids were serving. I’m not supporting Bloomberg but he is buying ads with his own money not stealing money from his fake university for his campaign. if the American people don’t want him they can vote against him . That is the American way but he is not doing anything illegle like the boy in the WH did. Check your facts. They don’t lie.

    1. Crisman, are you still talking. You are in an outnumbered situation at any point north, south, east, west. DRY UP!!!!

    2. So, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson came from money, as well. What’s your point? George Washington was the General of the Continental Army, while Thomas Jefferson was our Diplomat to the King of France. Just because Jefferson did not serve in uniform does not mean he did not serve his Country. Maybe you recall that Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. Service to one’s Country doesn’t always include a uniform. As for Mr. Trump’s money that you Liberals seem to choke on; he was given about 25 million from his father to begin his own Business. What did you expect his father to do with it? Give it to you? Let’s face it, if your old man had that kind of money to start you off in Business, are you going to tell us you wouldn’t have taken it? Go bullshit someone else. The fact is that Donald Trump took that money, and invested it in Real Estate, and other ventures that did extremely well, and he turned 25 million, into 10 Billion dollars of personal wealth. He just as easily could have blown all that money, in which case you never would have heard of the guy.

  12. POTUS 45 is a Winner!!! USA is Winning!!! 45 has all categories are covered!!! Mini Mike and All Democrats are Dictators!!! Censorship Gun confiscation All Bill of Rights.Shredding of Constitution!!! Vote Red all the way down ballets!! Four more yrs Thank You President Donald John Trump!!! & our Beautiful Melania Be Best!!!

  13. America is going to “go hot” if Bloomberg gets into the Oval.

    Flush this turd, America.


  14. It’s no more true in any part of the country than here in Seattle. The far left liberal Democrats will drone endlessly about more gun control laws while supporting catch and release for criminals, even those that have committed crimes while possessing a firearm. And if you’re here illegally you have nothing to worry about – this is a sanctuary state! Of course all these leftist, socialist mental giants truly believe criminals committing armed robbery or even murder will immediately conform to gun control laws. Sorry but the only people these laws will affect are law abiding, hardworking taxpayers. Criminals? You must be a fool to think gun control laws will have any effect on violent gun crimes, in fact it may affect someone’s access to a gun when confronted by an intruder.

  15. bloomurg is a putz, people forget that when he as mayor he tryd to stop people from buying a large slurppy an some other things cause he said you dont need to have them.he i a small dictator with money.he dont like heavy people , cause it made his bottom line go down when he was incharge of health ins.he is the worst or the worst like sanders an arren.

  16. Nobody’s going to take your guns. And nobody’s going to buy this election. Although Trump did in 2016! I wish you guys would stop crying in your beer! This is America, where anybody can buy anything they please. Including an election!! Mini Mike has that RIGHT. Same as any gun nut has RIGHT to carry a gun.

    1. Trump did not buy the election. We voted for him to stop the globalization of America..and he has. Democrats and a few Republican turncoats are sellouts, traitors and domestic enemies of the United States. Yes, it’s just that simple and, we will vote him into office again in 2020! All of you morons who support the Democrats are traitors also. So go cry in your beer with the rest of the sellouts.

    2. Chrisman where DO YOU get your “facts”? Oh. Yea. Madcow on MSLSD. Seriously do your own reading. Its liberating.
      And MiniMike, come to MY home onto MY land and just TRY to take my weapons that I may, or may not, happen to own.
      Molon Labe short shit.

  17. Remember the good old days playing cops and robbers. Good guys and bad guys.But before that was cowboys & Indians. It’s always been good verse bad. Why are the good citizens being treated as the bad guys, and bad guys being treated as the good guys. Believe are government alway wanted to be bad guys . Well you win you are the bad guys. We’ve always had army, police and they also trusted the good citizens for their help weed out the bad that threaten the good citizens way of life.
    Through out history wars separated the good from the bad. Revolutionary was, civil war Alamo, World War I,II etc
    The government seems to want another “ civil war”. Again good verses bad winner keep their guns.

  18. All his money won’t win him the election , Judge Judy should have advised him to buy a personality and a step stool first.

  19. Hey Mike, you personally come to my house (YOU) try and relieve me of my 2nd amendment RIGHT ! Someone will carry you off my property I’ll guarantee
    you that, you pole smoker !

  20. Bloomberg always has armed guards with him. Why is he more important than you or me.
    Oh yes I forgot he is a rich liberal elitist and is better than us peasant.
    I am always amazed how gullible liberals are.

  21. Most everyone knows Adolph, Josef, Mao, Pol et al, and if they do not they had better take a crash course of the 1900’s, as they will become aware of the fact that what all these “leaders” had in common was the ability to “exterminate” millions of their countrymen who did NOT have the ability to defend themselves -GUNS…So ask WHY does Bloomberg, Steyer, Obama etc., etc., REALLY want your guns??? Guns/weapons ARE inanimate and incapable of killing anyone on their own…people kill people and the people who kill people are more prone to kill people who do not have the means to defend themselves…

  22. I call the Bloomberg runt by using these letters. Runt Bloomberg has full-grown SMS!!!. This is 100% Short -Man-Symdrom. Like the lady said, come and get it! I’m saying the same thing. Come and get it!! You will never know what hit you in the Butt. I have to use the word butt instead of face because you are so short!!! Hey, I can find you a table to stand on if you still need it. Remember this: you don’t have a chance in hell beating my great president. The Donald J. Trump. Sorry, I love Trump!!!!

  23. Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Communist DemORats want the RIGHT to tell everybody else that they don/t have any RIGHTS.
    Dear America pay attention to what is going on around you. Believe in yourself and do what is right.

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