Young People Are Holding Coronavirus Parties, Look What’s Happened

As the governors across America are in close contact with President Trump and Vice President Pence, they deliver announcements to the people in every state.  Press conferences are happening every day and providing the same message to hopefully pound into every American head STAY HOME!!!  Social distancing is necessary if people have to leave for basic necessities or emergencies.

The governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, made it clear with a simple list of dos and don’ts when he delivered his press conference Tuesday evening.  Apparently, some people do not know how to follow simple instructions.

Governor Beshear told the people of Kentucky, Do: follow all instructions and continue to practice social distancing.  Continue to help the community by providing meals to those in need and donate any medical supplies which are not needed within the households.

The list for Dont’s was short and sweet.  Don’t: Attend or host any “coronavirus parties.”  Do people listen?  NO!  In fact, some idiots decided to make it their business to have one of these “coronavirus parties.”  And guess what?  One of those parties had and attendee test positive for COVID-19.

Now everyone who attended the party has to remain quarantined for the next 14 days all because they didn’t listen.  According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, all of the party crowd was in their 20s.

Beshear responded to this foolishness by saying, “This is the part where I, the person that tells everybody to be calm, have to remain calm myself.  Anyone who goes to something like this may think that they are indestructible, but it’s someone else’s loved one that they are going to hurt.”

The governor added, “We are battling for the health and even the lives of our parents and our grandparents.  Don’t be so callous as to intentionally go to something and expose yourself to something that can kill other people. We ought to be much better than that.”

Beshear concluded, “I guess thinking they were invincible flaunting the mass gathering prohibition.  This is something that no one should be doing across the commonwealth.  We all owe each other a duty to protect each other.  And we simply can’t have folks that are doing things like this.”

Across the US on Wednesday, the count was around 54,000 people who contracted the virus and 783 who died from COVID-19.  Kentucky has 163 of those cases, with only four dead.  Across the nation, we find where the younger generation is the most defiant and causing a mass amount of problems where the virus spreading is happening.

They either believe they are immortal or they are anarchist who is against the government and or any authority.  These “coronavirus parties” are in complete defiance to society and do not follow any of the mandates put into place where everyone should be trying to stay at a safe distance from one another.  This is how the virus continues to spread like the California wildfires.

Along with foolishness, it is also a selfish way to go about these times where the people in their 60s on up are at risk of having more complicated cases and better chances of death.  These idiots are not thinking about anyone but themselves.  What has this generation come to?

Along with their defiance, it also makes it ten times harder for those who do follow the rules.  These fools will make everyone who is listening have to suffer that much longer.  All because of a party?  Really?

These young people should be led as an example to everyone in the world.  Yes, they are young, but they are NOT immune to the COVID-19.  They can still contract it and die from it, even though the chances are less for their generation.

People need to realize this is not a lockdown as of yet.  If this continues, we will be under a mandatory lockdown as we saw in Italy.  Governor Beshear told reporters, “Stay healthy at home.  That doesn’t mean boarded in your home.  It means you still, no matter where we go, will be able to get your essentials out in the community, and it also means you’ll be able to get out and get the type of exercise that you need.”

The governor would not release information on the party anymore but ended his press conference with these words.  “This is one that makes me mad, and it should make you mad.  We should forgive that person, but no more of these anywhere, statewide, ever for any reason.”

33 thoughts on “Young People Are Holding Coronavirus Parties, Look What’s Happened

  1. OH MY GOD…… These “20 year olds need to be held accountable”. Sounds like this entire group of parties need to have another party, then the door should be “LOCKED BEHIND THEM”. How stupid can these people be ?

    1. You are correct, I am a x- Navy Petty Officer. I say let them all, that want, have the “Biggest Party ever” with “their friends”, that are like, have the “VIRUS”, and see how they like that!! Like Okay…

      1. And I am a former Master Chief and am NOT yelling at you. There’s only one problem with your reasoning, Terry. After they party hardy, they are still running about in the general population. There’s always that 10%…

  2. These young,arrogant dummies will be dead in large numbers at the time we would have to draft them in to military service to fight off future Chinese attacks,because the Chinese will eventually want to occupy our mostly intact infrastructure left behind by the small numbers of potential military troops left to the U.S.A. after their purposeful bio attack weaken our county fatally!

    1. Well it is that there are others out in our that feels the way I do, that China is trying weaken our American spirit and weaken our Military and having our government so tied up with Covid19, that we do not see them invading us militarily. We better wake up, and why hasn’t anyone tested all of the Cleaning products and OTC medical products that are made in China, they could alone infecting tens of thousands American citizans each day. That will surely increase our counts of infected Americans. I sincerely believe that was done,

      1. I believe this was a chemical war. Chinese developed it let it loose on USA to kill us off. There leader is crazy. They have tons of weapons. They tried it on their own first. They don’t care if 25 million die in China. This was done on purpose.

          1. Terry again, while I was in the Navy, we would have “chemical warfare” drills all the time. I was on a “Guided Missile Cruiser” in the Mediterranean. They would sound the alarm, anytime, and according to where you were a that that time, we would have know where to go, and what to do. It would take too long to tell you more, but, I had to tuck my pant legs into my socks, button my shirt to the top, handed an OBA, (OXEGEN BREATHING APPERATIS), STICK MY HEAD BETWEEN MY LEGS AND KISS MY ASS GOOD-BYE!!!

  3. The people who defy the instructions we are all asked to follow should be identified by authorities and denied the payments we are to receive under the new bill that has just been passed. If they are locked up, they could affect other prisoners, but loss of this money just might get their attention and give them less to celebrate!

  4. What are the odds on the party people, compared to Your odds [that Johns Hopkins U. and Gary Nulls “Death By Medicine” study demonstrates]? I.E. Iatrogenic “medicine” kills between 250,000 to 800,000 [non covid 19 party goers] each & every year ! That’s 684 to 2,191 daily or 28.5 to 91 each hour year after year!
    FACT! look it up and ask, are you “Sheltered” from the one size fits all, forced at gun point allopatic/ for profit medicine. OR will you beat the odds?
    Remember no-one gets out of here alive, and the odds on going to Hell are Not on your side! Unless you get that “Free Stuff” gift of Jesus! Good luck!!!!

  5. Anyone who does not follow simple instructions is only going to drag this out even longer. This is a dangerous time for a lot of people. We all have to pay attention.

  6. Yes the Flu is bad and people die from it, but face it there is more than 100,000 people murdered each year here in the USA from FDA (Pharmaceutical Control with payola) approved poison drugs that cure nothing, but bring in high profits just so Politicians can get their palms greased. It is there if one want to look it up. There is some drugs that help, but many have many side effects. I am a 91 year old retired Veteran and over the years have refuse to take these drugs pushed by the Medicals for high profits. Me I have a favorite drug of choice. It a good shot of great Bourbon each day. So have a good day and watch out for the creatures of the Night, Left wing Liberals and Fake News People.

    1. @ Robert: The Big Pharma’s lobby shells out the most money/ corruption to buy politicians ! Not quite the same philosophy Hippocrates’s doctors oath that was used till Big Pharma bought/ invented/ converted it to one size fits all quack snake oil medicine and the art of “Scintisem”!!! A more recent analysis estimates 128,000 Americans die each year as a result of taking medications as prescribed! OMG were sheltering from the wrong sickness! Thanks for your service! It’s sad the Democrats gave the WW 2 war spoils to Godless Marxist Commies at the Yalta sell-out leading to the death of 100 K more American deaths in no win N. Korea & no win N.Vietnam’s war and other Yalta violations! But that what we get and deserve for dumping God in exchange for “Free Stuff” wannabe are god Democrats !

  7. Arrest them and watch them scream. Typical spoiled brats. All should be fired period. These know it alls need a good spanking. Strange of late the 20 somethins are the ones dying.

  8. COMMON SENSE IS NOT COMMON>These teen agers whose think that their mom and dad are nuts; They will pay the price of being stupid & get sick and some of them will die.
    So. . .listen to your parents – and LIve to play another day.


  10. Young people Discriminate Senior Citizens, They think the VIRUS won’t KILL them, Their parents raise them not to RESPECT People, That’s LIBERALS for you, Very DISRESPECTFUL, Their in Oregon that way, SANCTUARY STATE, KISS 💋 ALIENS ASSES AND SPIT ON VETERANS, AMERICANS SHIT 💩 ON EACH OTHER ! NEED CIVIL WAR! AMERICA IS NOT LAND OF THE FREE

  11. This is why the call for 16 year old kids to vote by the idiot Democrats is insane. If the stupid millennials want disease parties let them have them. You can’t fix stupid or leftists.

  12. I don’t remember where it was, but I heard of a party like this that had 47 people, DJ, and in a 500 sq. ft. apt. Well guess what happened, yup they did get it.

  13. I haven’t read all of the previous comments to know if I am repeating what someone else already said, but I wouldn’t wish the corona virus on anyone. HOWEVER, if these young are stupid enough to have “corona virus parties,” they are probably some of the same leftist millennials who believe socialism (aka the last step before communism) would be better for the United States than capitalism and would vote for Bernie or Creepy Joe (if he beats Bernie in the rest of the Demunist/Commucrat primaries). NEVERTHELESS, if they happen to die before the November election because of their stupid actions committed in March, Trump could win re-election by a landslide!

    1. Trump BETTER win re-election — landslide or no. If either The Bern or that loose cannon Joey win, we are SCREWED.

  14. Let’s get our governors to designate, (cooperative-willing), judges to empower local police to immediately, ( with threat of armed force if necessary), detain these violators and coral them in barb wire enclosed areas. Their individual release from same could be contingent upon their showing proper I.D. with address, with a successful temperature and corona test and their swearing to stay in their residence. This accompanied by their swearing to not violate mandated local corona rules again, which would result in them being assigned to clean up-sanitation crews and billeting in an “ARPAIO STYLE TENT CITY.”

  15. Many of these YOUNG people have a NON THINKING head full of “mush” and NO critical THINKING skills whatsoever . . . They’re just like AOC (All OUT Clueless). And, if any of them get COVID19, then they DESERVE it. The Bible says in PROVERBS: “the SIMPLE (non thinkers) PASS on and are PUNISHED”. In “my book” – That’s T O U G H ! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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